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The Full Doctor Treatment for Hepatitis C

Dear Lloyd,

I have Hepatitis C type 1a. I was diagnosed last year and immediately got the Hep A&B vacine. I then went on the triple Interferon, ribaviran and Telapavir treatment. 8 weeks in I became very tired with rash. I was put on Thyroid medication. I fainted one night and hit my head - spend overnight in the hospital. Over the next two weeks my blood counts dropped and I was running a low fever. Was put on procrit for blood count as my fever and rash increased. By the end of that two week period my fever was 104.5 and i was told to go the hospital where I was diagnosed with DRESS syndrom - a severe reaction to the drugs. Spent four days in hospital trying to control the fever, which came down finally with steriods. I had receveived an Undetectable test result, however I was taken off all 3 drugs at week 10 due to the reactions. After my fever came down the dr. tried to restart the interferon and ribaviran to complete the next 12 week phase, however the rash came back right away.Long story took me 3 months to recover from that (energy, hair growing back, skin clearing up, fog going away..etc). I am now 5 months since that ordeal and am searching for alternative treatments. I just got your book "Hepatitis C a do-it-yourself guide to Health" and was very incouraged (wish I had read this first). My question is: Where do I start? I have been changing my diet with organic health foods and juicing quite a bit, but saw your various programs and am overwelmed by all of the herbs and supplements. I haven't finished your book, but am hoping this will tell where to start. Should I also read your earlier books? and does the website have step by step information on getting started.

Thanks for your help.

PS. I started interferon with a viral load of 2 million. Now it is 8 million.