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God Bless you Lloyd thank you thank you thank you

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Your Question for Lloyd

No questions, I just want to thank you for helping my husband you are a God send. I am so filled with gratitude my emotions can't help but bring forth the tears. You are the only person on the internet that I've seen who actually tells the truth my husband Bill had amazing results after being on your plan for such a short while.

We changed our diet we eat accordingly to what we read in your book and have never felt better. I only eat what Bill eats we have tried a few other foods that are only organic such as Quinoa ( pronounced keen-wah) We got it from costco it's good. it's 100% Whitewhole grain gluten free seed. Enough about that.

The buckwheat pancakes are fantastic I throw blueberries lots of them in the batter or while they are cooking yum yum. He takes his with the Blackstrap unsulphured molasses me not so much I also bought Kirkland (Costco's signature brand) 100% grade A medium Amber Maple Syrup and it is 100% that's the ingredient pure maple syrup.

So you have helped both of us. The results are fantastic. We admire you for what you are doing to help others. You are the only one that actually has compassion for others that are going through what you went through and are doing for others like my husband Bill which he would not know to do what you have showed him to do by your own life struggle to find the cure. Thank-you. If I had money and I will again ( I am not working right now ) Lord willing which I sure he is. My husband and I will do our best to send you money to support you with your wonderful help in helping others. Has it ever crossed your mind that one of the reasons God put you on this earth is through your suffering that you are here to help others. This to me makes sense. God Bless you Lloyd thank you thank you thank you. Maybe we will never meet in this life but in heaven. Then you will understand the graditute and tears that is bursting in my heart now for your dedication in helping others. I love and adore my husband and don't want to lose him. And now I know I won't. Another truth through Bill's research I believe God led him to you.

God Bless you,
Mary W.