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God help the allopathic system

79 Year Old Mother Doing GREAT
After 5 Years on Program

Hi, Felisa -

Thank you for this info - it will be helpful!  I just now faxed Vera's four-page blood test results from May.  Everything is looking great except for the viral load, which isn't sky high - but does demonstrate that she needs to be staying on top of things!  We really appreciate Lloyd looking the results over and giving a recommendation.  Are we at the point where Vera can go on a "maintenance" plan - or do we need to go back at it pretty hard in order to knock the viral count down to near zero?  I would MUCH rather be radical now, when Mom is feeling good, than wait until things flare up. 

It would be impossible for me to find words to adequately thank your organization for the knowledge, products and - most of all - personalized help that you all have provided over the past four or five years.  Unfortunately, one year ago I watched a friend die of Hep C - he didn't think he could afford the supplements and his insurance only covered allopathic treatment.  He was on the transplant list, but didn't survive the wait.  God help the allopathic system that has basically failed so many trusting, niave people.  And God bless you guys for all you are doing to give people back their lives.  What you are doing is making a HUGE difference in our famly, and you can just multiply that all over this nation!!!

Best regards,