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Great lab work in only 6 weeks

From: Danny
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 11:23 AM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: Great lab work in only 6 weeks

Dear Lloyd

Thanks for all your help.
i am really feeling great

I just got all my new blood test back for your knowledge
This is only 6 weeks after starting your program

HCV RNA Quantitative  590247 down from 922000
AST 52 down from 189
ALT 29  down from 210
Alkaline Phop. 62 down from  129

I am really upset that your website is no more. Without your website I would never know about your program & to say no to interferon. Is there anything we can do to get your website back on so people like me can be saved from nasty drug interferon. I am really glad that I found your website & refuse interferon in timely manner if some one will diagnose today probably would  go on Interferon &  be disabled for his life. I truely believe God is looking after me

Thanks again

From: Lloyd Wright
Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 9:31 AM
To: 'Danny S
Subject: Great Lab work in only 6 weeks

Hello Danny,

Very nice to hear from you. I am very pleased that you are feeling better and that your lab work is improving.

You can visit our new website Alternative Medicine Solution
(we are currently prohibited from linking to the new shopping cart from this site)

There is no content there as that is what it took to please  the United States Government Division, The Food and Drug Administration FDA.

This action against us is only one of many in the implementation of Codex.

I am planning a news letter where I can mail people new information.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

FDA Violating our Consitutional rights.

I went to the FDA site:

I did a search fo Codex and read that what they're basing their decision on is the Codex:

"The Codex Alimentarius Commission, or Codex, was created in 1963 by two U.N. organizations, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization."
It isn't even a United States Law!

Furthermore if your click the link for regulations & Laws your head will explode! There you will find laws but most importantly "Proposed Laws" That they are currently using to persecute Lloyd.

We need to form a group to file a class action suit against the FDA for volating our rights (Freedom of speech)(since we can no longer find out what we have a right to know.)! We have the right to knowledge they do nt have the right to take it away. 

Rmemberthat just this month The FDA LOST it's suit against the electronic cigarette companies! The Judge slapped them down handily for attempting to overstep their bounds.  Preliminary ruling by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon, "This case appears to be yet another example of FDA's aggressive efforts to regulate recreational tobacco products as drugs," Leon wrote. The judge said he found the regulatory agency's claim of jurisdiction " at first blush, to be unreasonable and unacceptable. "

Smoking anything isn't good for you but it should be your decision not thiers. This is just another power grab by the government to intimidate the people and gain control. It's also a statement that "you're to stupid to know what's best for you."

I am Pi***d about this persecution of Lloyd. If it were me I'd contact Fox News about this but it's Lloyd's decision to fight. If he loses we all loose. Although I'd stand right beside him in this fight & take all thier punches.

Where will you stand?

Screamin Mimi

I stand with you

Who is good at Law or who knows a lawyer that will stand with us?? It is our lifes they are taking and I will NOT just stand idle. This may be the BIGGEST fight this country has ever seen. We are talking about millions of people who are infected and maybe more who have no clue they have it. Consider that a test never came out untill 1989. How much contaminated blood got into the blood banks and distributed in the 60's, 70's, and 80's?? Wow, come to think of it every military person who enters in the military has to give blood, and if there was no test for HepC back then, how many are infected?

The lawyer's Firm is Thompson Hine

This is the lawyer who fought the FDA on behalf of Smoking Everywhere.
Linscott, Walt Addison  - Atlanta, GA  404.541.2910
Lloyd, please call him. Phone calls are cheap & may get you free of FDA harassment.

Site Closure

As others, I am appalled to find that many will, "miss the bus" due to what can only be called sensorship.  Your site was the most comprehensive site available with regard to personal choices available for each individual's treatment of this nasty ailment.  Although I am unable to consistently afford the products you  offer the most comprehensive knowledge of, I have gained and most likely would have continued to gain a broader perspective of my Hep C-1.  What are we gonna do now?  Our ability to discern the invaluable information you provided, (and continually updated) is now disallowed...Everyone deeply interested in maintaining or improving the symptoms presented them will be less able to ascertain the next  step they should choose to take with regard for what they might be experiencing physically.  It is nothing short of honorableness that the government has decided to oppress knowledge. We all have been further hampered.  Simply bullshit!

I agree

America the land of free speech???? I have to wonder what will be next? One way to combat this is work together and share what we have been doing and taking to help cure our HepC. Simply communicate through e-mails or phone and then let those who are truly interested know what you have been taking. NEVER mention, suggest, or diagnose a cure, just let them know your personal experience and results. They in turn can make their own decisions. E-mails can be intercepted and screen by a third party