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Hep C and Liver Cancer

Hello Lloyd,
I wrote to you a few months back regarding my father Pat who has Hep c and was diagnosed with Liver cancer. The doctors had told him that he had 6 months to a year to live and was put immediately on the liver transplant list. He also went through one treatment of chemo embolization to attack the three tumors that were discovered. Two of the tumors were very small, but one was 4.8 cm and we were told that if it went past 5 cm he would no longer be a candidate for a transplant. He is under the care of a team of doctors at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto California.

Well, after his embolization, my father began taking all the items you had suggested... Comitris, NatCell Thymus, NatCell Liver, Ultra Absorbic C, Essiac tea, Super Bio Curcumin, Reishi Caps, Vitamin K2 and Selenium.

He took everything faithfully until it was time for his first follow-up MRI to see how his cancer responded to the Chemo. I hope you are sitting down... Stanford called my father with the results recently and told him the most remarkable news...there is now NO TRACE OF TUMORS!!!!!! All three have completely dissolved!!! The liver medical team at Stanford are completely shocked and confused!!! They have no explanation for this. The main doctor is 70 yrs old and has never seen this happen during his entire medical career. We believe it is a total miracle!! We are still going crazy with the news.

Now, my father has another question for you...should he continue with the same products you originally suggested, or switch to something else that just focuses on Hep C. Please let us know your thoughts. Again, we can not thank you enough for everything you've done for my father and our family as well as all the other thousands of people around the world who just need a little extra hope.
God Bless! Michelle