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I am not a stupid woman, just one that is dying on this drug

From: Mary Sent: Tuesday, 3:28 PM
To: Lloyd  Subject: Help

Dear Llyod,
My last visit to my Hep C specialist a week ago, I ran into someone I have known all my life and he said he was just finishing off a 48 week treatment.

We agreed ro wait for eachother and have a chat.
At this point I was in my 11th week of treatment.  Five ribo pills per day and an injection per week of interferron.

I had gone to emgergency the week before that with severe pain (only when I breathed in) and after sitting like an idiot for six hours, told my cousin to get me out of there as I was getting sicker by the minute and dehydrated.  All my lvels had dropped considerably since I started treatment.  I was anemic, low white and low immune system.  So, this special Hep C nurse assigned to me, to help with the first injection, of which I never saw her, told me to wear a mask when I went.

As I mentioned, I could no longer sit there being treated like a cattle when I was told by my Specialist, my family doctor and the Hep C nurse to go there.  As I got sicker and sicker, I decided to leave and call my doctor in the morning.  Which I did and he sent me for a lung scan, lung exray and told me to stop treatment.

As you well know, this interferron fries your brain and I could not add two and two and get a proper answer let a lone try to function as a single parent with a 16 year old daughter.

My friend whom I met in the hospital that day, sent me your link to how interferron almost killed you, and I made my mind up that night, to take my last dose , finish up eleven weeks and take ne more.  Which I have done.  I still feel all the side affects, but knowing I do not have to put that poison in me anymore, is a huge releif.  I see how these affects will not go away quickly.

I see how my behaviour over the last 11 weeks has been that of a raging lunatic.  A person who could commit suiicide or murder or drive over a cliff and end it all.  I saw all these things happening to me and by the supper hour, all I could do was lye there and wait for the flulike symptoms to kick in and kick my ass.  I have a severe bronchial cough, I can't breathe, I have hot and cold spells, I can't sleep...for more than one minute.  My appetite is lousy and my driving is getting questionable, where I seem to hit curbs a lot.  I have always prided myself with being a great driver.

I have had a terribly itchy rash on all my extenser areas...I hallucinate, I get things in my eyes, blobs of many clours, I have inner pain, my head pounds, and I am the biggest BITCH in this city.

I have tried to read a bit of your book, but with no brain and no energy it is difficult. 
(I am a university graduate...I am not a stupid woman, just one that is dying on this drug.)

I need your help.
I don't know how.

I have just findished an unemployment claim, and I am trying to get I have no money .

I saw your list of herbs and maybe you have some words of wisdom for me as to how to get started on a natural cure.

Fuck the interferron before it kills me.  And I know I would be one that would die on it...look how bad I already am on only 11 weeks.

Please get back as to what I should do.

I have been on milk thistle for two years I do do  full regimine of vitamins and stuff.  But I don't want to be doing the wrong thing anymore.

I see you were on a lot of herbal teas, which I find very doable...I am a vegetarian and have also just been diagnodes with osteoporrosis.

Maybe I should just drive my car over the clif..

I will wait however, until I get word back from you.

I don't know how you must handle all the emails...I am sure yuo have help.
Right now I need help and maybe you are the guy to even just say, "Hey,
Mary-anne, you are a smart lady for dropping the poison!"  I don't know.

Stranded in XXXXXXX