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I can’t express my appreciation enough!

Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 4:03 PM
To: Lloyd Wright


Was just getting ready to order VEP 2 and a tea package in the next day or so. As it happens, I was with a close friend of mine who is sick and in a similar condition. Maybe worse, since he has diabetes. And doesn’t eat or exercise obsessively, as I do.

And we always try and exchange any information we come across. So, we went online and I was showing him a couple of your Youtube interviews about the various Teas and the “do not take” items.

I never knew about Amoxicillin. And oddly enough. About a year ago, had an infected root canal where my dentist prescribed me amoxicillin. I had a horrific allergic reaction. Taken it all my life. And nothing like what happened that one night. I’ll never forget it as long as live. And I just couldn’t figure out how I suddenly developed an allergy to Amoxicillin. Now I know what happened. And it was right after knee surgery. Where I wasn’t exercising or eating properly. As I do today. My dentist is close friend and thought I was nuts. But, immediately switched me over to a Z-pack. Which is what I use today when antibiotic is required. 

It astounds me after dealing with you close to 10 years, now. That I never cease to learn something new and informative. And in this, case maybe life saving? Hard to say?

And even though I still haven’t taken a new viral load. The soreness on right side has decreased 90% or more, since taking a regiment of 2,000 mg. of Vitamin C, Lysine (1,200 3 x’s a day), plain aspirin and 60 mg. of zinc per day. Can’t explain it. Don’t know if it’s real without a test. But, I sure don’t feel sore! And that’s a major improvement! And some of the minor skin disorders have decreased, lightened or are just less?

Been taking the Milk Thistle Tea. Now, I’m going to do the entire regiment of teas. Yes, I do believe the way warm tea enters the blood stream is a big difference to taking a capsule. Fortunately, my girlfriend is a big tea brewing, nature freak. So, she’s thrilled. Of course, she’s had cancer in the past and half of her thyroid removed. So, she has her own issues in watching her what she consumes and her general health.

Just wanted to say thank you, as always!  I can’t express my appreciation enough!

Best Regards as always,
Richard S