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I credit your book and your therapy for my cure

I wanted to let you know about my condition. I am sure you get hundreds of replies. Bless you my man.

As of December 5th, 2010 I cleared Hep-C. It was "non detectable". I have sort of an unusual case in that I never went higher then 300,000 viral load. I still developed cirrhosis of the liver. Forget fibrosis. The iron and cirrhosis was kicking my ass.

I refused to take interferon. The medical community pushed it hard too. I had to change docs several times. Till the last time I went to the VA and the docs there worked with me. They even have me doing phlebotomy in order to relieve the iron in my blood and help my liver to rebuild itself.

I credit your book and your therapy for my cure. I discovered your book in January 2008 and it took almost 2 years because I did not take it seriously at first.

Once I did, it lifted me up and out of it and killed the hep-c. None of the old health care providers would believe that it worked. That all talked to me like I was not even talking.

Thanks Lloyd. God bless you and yours.