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I found out I caught it at the earliest stages ever

In September 2008 I started Peg Interferon. I stopped after 6 months. Here is my story:

My name is Nick I am a now 30 year old father of an almost three year old little girl named _____.
( D.O.B.: ) and husband of a 32 year old wife named _____  (D.O.B.: ) I was 27 going on 28 years old when I found out I got the Hep. C Virus. About 6 months to a year before that I was giving plasma every 6 months until finally the next time I went in to give it I found out that recently I caught the Hep. C virus.

Luckily I found out I caught it at the earliest stages ever usually able to by a person. I was told by the Doctors at Froedart Memorial Hospital that If I caught it early enough I could wipe it completely from my blood by taking this Peg Interferon drug. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to not have the virus in my blood, but with only the knowledge allowed to make me believe that there was no lasting symptoms after about a year after stopping the treatment. They said mostly joint aches and thyroid problems worse case scenario, then that, if a symptom, would soon go away. They never told me that it could cause any permanent damage. They especially never said anything about Peripheral Neuropathy possibly being a symptom.

Now I am a thirty year old man that was full of life and now I fight wanting to get up and face another day every day that goes by. I was bounced around from doctor to doctor with all of them telling me that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was drug seeking. They said that there was no way that I could have possibly still been having symptoms of the interferon anymore and dropped me like yesterday's trash.

I was curled up in a ball in tears from the excruciating pain days and throughout nights with an abundant amount of frustration and pain nobody could ever imagine. Finally after years of being bounced around with all tests coming up normal, I finally found a doctor that had the right tests performed on me to see what the problem was. The needle test (EMG).

My numbers were off the charts with the proof I needed to finally get a diagnosis. The reason that the doctors before this one never even bothered to do the EMG test before is because the chances of a thirty year old male with Peripheral Neuropathy is extremely rare. But that is still no excuse with all of the times I came in crying of my symptoms and they still wanted me to stay on that crap for another six months further even, but I told them to shove it. Thank God, because I'd be ten times more screwed up then I already am at this point.

I am 30 and permanently disabled and no lawyer will take my case. I can't provide for my family anymore and my wife suffers from chronic Fibromyalgia and facet joint deterioration, and her back dislocates every other day. Her tailbone is severely deformed and digs into everything she sits on. She's got a whole world of problems too. That's another story though. My main point is that I need to file a lawsuit against these pricks because they wreaked my life and now I've already been homeless once and am trying not to become that unfortunate again. Please help if you can.

Sincerely- Nick
, Wi