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I had to stop the Isocort

From:  B.
Sent: Thursday, February 24
, 2011 9:54 AM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: RE: Ask Lloyd ...

Lloyd!   Hi!    It’s not my imagination, but in 3 weeks,  I had to stop the Isocort --- I have been losing sleep because the Isocort (now, not the DHEA) is keeping me up.  In just 3 weeks on the Power Solution,  I have noticed incredible improvement, energy (but sleepless until the Isocort leaves), my pulse is strong. 

I’m so excited --- I purchased 3 more boxes --- I’m in terrible debt, but the Good Lord is going to get me out somehow.  Thanks for such incredible product.


PS  I had backed down to only 2 Isocort & that was too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!