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I have been denied Long term disability because they cannot prove that I have pain

from Barbara via Ask Lloyd
I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2006, did the treatment of Ribavirin and strongest dose of Interferon, I have cleared the virus, although since the treatment I have extreme muscle pain and some joint pain, I tried for a few years to continue to work, but am unable to, due to pain, my memory is terrible, I take my pain meds and fall asleep in the office. I have been denied Long term disability because they cannot prove that I have pain, xrays, blood work cannot show my pain level. Do you know of anyone that has been able to get disability from this most horrible problem. I am not the person I used to be.... I was always the most active person, and now my life is completely different.

From: Lloyd Wright
Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2013 11:03 AM
Subject: RE: Ask Lloyd ...

Hello Barbara,

I know what you are going thru. I get emails from people every day who have the same complaints. Interferon damages the Brain, Nerve Damage and Bone Marrow damage. This is what causes most of the long term side effects.

Almost all victims of this inhumane treatment who write me go to numerous doctors trying to get some evidence to prove they have been damaged by interferon. I know of none who attend normal MDs who get any satisfaction regarding their disabled condition.

If you tell the disability people that you are an alcoholic or drug addict you can easily get disability.

Telling them the truth about damage from an FDA approved drug that brings in Billions of Dollars annually usually does not achieve the goal.

Attached are some published documents on “Recovery from Interferon” that may help your position.

In health,