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I now have a Fatty Liver Condition



Your Question for Lloyd

Hi Lloyd,

You may remember me .
I have been using your Frozen Thymus and Liver products once weekly for around 5 years now. The last couple of years I have been feeling great and my AST and ALT have always been in the normal range and the Viral Load Levels nearly undetectable. So because of this, the last couple of years I wasn't careful with my diet and I now have a Fatty Liver Condition. 

The Ultrasound detected fat deposits in my liver and I am experiencing some inflamation.I am meeting with the Gastro specialist soon. I was so discouraged, as I don't drink and do mostly the right things. I drink both Milk Thistle and Dandelion teas but had slacked off the past year. I have now resumed them. I am wondering if I should try the Blueberry Extract or the Quercetin or perhaps both? What has show the most promise? Several years ago I was seeing a naturopath every two months for Vitamin C drip and Ozone therapy and glutathione but couldn't keep that up as it was so expensive plus I am not making as much money these days.

I was so dissapointed with the Fatty Liver diagnosis I was considering Inteferon but after reading all those testimonials on your website I have had a change of heart. By the way I do realize I must modify my diet majorally and am googling ways to do that. I am about 15 pounds overweight.

One last thing, is it true that even though my readings were good, and the virus was NEARLY undetectable because the Hep C is still in my body there is still damage going on and the liver is succeptable?

I must really make a push to finally eradicate this virus!!!!

Have You ...

Had a Hepatitis A or B Vaccine

Which Products from Lloyd's Pharmacy have you tried?

Bulk Dandelion Root AND Milk Thistle Bulk AND Naringenin
AND NatCell Liver Extract AND NatCell Thymus

Hello Eva,

Fatty liver is often genetic, HCV certainly does not help.

Lipatrope helps with fatty liver a lot.   See my interview with Dr. Z

Also you can view lipatrope here:

Quercetin and Blueberry are both good for killing virus. Please read attachments.

I make this blue berry to be as close as possible to the item in the study.

HCV damages livers no matter how good the numbers are. Ozone when done right can be beneficial.

Also we have some Raspberry Ketone recommended by Dr. Oz for losing weight.

Keep doing better!