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it did not work all 3 times

Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 7:31 AM
To: info
Subject: [Contact Lloyd] all interferon treatments as I have been since 1992

leonor sent a message using the contact form

no one believes I am in constant pain, that my brain can no longer do math, it did not work all 3 times they put me on this monster...

i have no short term memory,i live in a fog. MY bones hurt from the inside. I know I am sick but this medicine to me was an nightmare. I would rather go and die, and never have touched this. My digestion has never been the same, I lost my gallblader, This last time last year january, I was hospitalized with severe puemonia and has two bags of blood. No antibiotic was working. I am bed ridden when on this so I have had to move at age 53 back to mom's. I have lived all my life alone. I am afraid to drive for I forget what I am doing. I want for a walk and could not find my way home. I walked for an hour and thank god I had my phone. They had to come get me, I was a block away,

I swore I would never take this again. This last time my family begged me, so I did. I have no life, I feel like a slow person mentally, hard to learn. I am disabled for Hep C state 4 cirrhosis, which I did not have. I am very confused always, like if I was 90 years old.

What have they given us. What is this???

Please advise. Thanking you in advance, 

help I hear there is a class action?????


From: Lloyd Wright
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 10:00 AM
To: '
Subject: RE: [Contact Lloyd] all interferon treatments as I have been since 1992

Hello Leonor,

Interferon does this to people, I know, it did some of this to me. I receive thousands of emails from people who say the same things you did and worse. Interferon damages the brain, bone marrow and nerve cells.

The bone pain, I had that while on it and for years after, dam it hurt. The getting lost, yes that to. Short term memory, it does destroy it in many people.

I am very sorry this has happened to you.

I always tell everyone that I do not recommend interferon for anyone ever and the reason is that what happen to you can happen to anyone any time. There is no predicting it.

In health,