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Long Term Sides that ruined my life after hep c treatment

From: Debra
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 8:57 PM
Subject: Long Term Sides that ruined my life after hep c treatment. Please advise?


Can you help direct me?  "They never told me that I would be disabled permenantly when I treated in 2006,  My nervous system is a mess.  I have severe panic attacks, depression, eyesight is really bad, still ache all over, agoraphobia.  This has brought me down from being a productive & employed 'to being below poverty level (cause I'm unstable i cannot hold a job for long) and I have been on the brinks of homelessness for the passed months;  I've been suffering since 2006.  I can't handle this anymore and just want to die;  .   I used to be a vocalist, performing all the time and it took that away from me too;  I look forward to your response. 

Sincerely, Debra

It has already been shown

It has already been shown that individuals that suffer out of anxiety plus depression have a far higher suicide rate what causes anxiety attacks

long term side effects-post interferon syndrome

I had hepc for 20years with no real health problems.I completed treatment with interferon and ribavirin 6 years ago and cleared the virus.3months post treatment I started to develop health problems,loss of weight,pain,extreme fatigue,brain fog etc.After years of batting to and fro between health specialists and being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and post viral fatigue syndrome, in September last year I was finally diagnosed by the liver consultant that treated me with Post Interferon Syndrome.As far as I can tell it's a chemically induced inflammation of the brain and the symptoms are many and similiar to M.E. I don't think I was well enough informed before undertaking treatment nor listened to post treatment and consequently my health has now deteriorated to the point of being 85-90% disabled. I have since discovered that only approx 5% of women go on to develop liver fibrosis and as both my liver and health were good prior to treatment I would have liked to have been given the opportunity to make an INFORMED choice and feel that this is our right as patients.

Hi DebraDid you clear the

Hi DebraDid you clear the virus? If so I also been treated with Interferon + Riba. I  cleared  the virus and still Udertecble but left with joint and bone pain over  all my body, feeling like old man and never been told that this side effect will stay this long!