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Measuring Telomere Length

We at T.A. Sciences believe that measuring telomere length will eventually be as common as measuring for cholesterol and actually more important. But not all telomere measurements are created equal. Since it is only the shortest telomeres that cause cells to become senescent, it is important to measure short telomeres, not mean length.

Accordingly T.A. Sciences would like to introduce Life Length, the only company currently offering short telomere testing. People should know if they have short telomeres so they can do something about it before it is too late. And that “something” is TA-65, the only proven telomerase activator on the market. (Telomerase lengthens short telomeres.)

In 2009 telomere research was awarded the noble prize in medicine and since then companies have strived to develop a technology that would have the capability to give a precise reading of telomere shortening. Life Length's Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT) allows you and your patients to measure their percentage of critically short telomeres and to establish their statistical biological age and give you and your patient insight into their aging process.

For this reason, TA Sciences recommends that you utilize this test as a biomarker tool for your patients. This test can be used to measure an initial baseline of the patient's telomere length when a patient starts TA-65, and continued follow up testing can be considered to gage the progress of TA-65’s effectiveness.

Please find below additional information regarding Life Length:

Life Length is able to measure telomeres individually inside the nuclei of living cells with a precision to approximately 120 base pair, nearly 10x more sensitive than any other technique.

The test is easy for you and your office.  Life Length provides:

·       Free kits
·       Free shipping
·       Marketing Materials
·       A patient referral system
·       A dedicated account manager


It is a small whole blood draw. NO spinning, NO refrigerating and NO fasting are required.

For more information on the Life Length TAT test or to incorporate testing into your practice please contact Yenvy Truong at 949-864-6701 or by e-mail to