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My Hep C Story By Steven Gibbons

My HepC story.
By Steven Gibbons

In Nov. 2008 I was diagnosed with Chronic Hep C. I must have contacted it in the 70's either through a blood transfusion or drug usage. It is even very possible I contacted it through the many dental procedures I had in the 80's. There is really no way to know and it really does not matter. What I do know is that when the symptoms started coming out it was at a stage where I needed to do something or eventually die from liver failure or cancer.

I think about how many people must have this (virus)  and are completely unaware. A test for this virus did not come out until around 1989. So with all the blood banks receiving donated blood prior to testing, the many blood transfusions given, tattoos, dental work, all the donated blood service personal have to give, etc., there has to be thousands if not millions walking around completely unaware they are infected. The medical society is making billions on a treatment that does not cure, and in some cases makes a persons life miserable. Look at all the hospitals being built and expanded, Think they know something?

My Story.

In Feb 2008, for no apparent reason, while at work, I had a tremendous headache that almost knocked me out. For the next few months the headache never went away. Night and day, everyday, the pressure on both sides of my head was unbearable. I just put up with it and believed it must have been the foods I was eating. I changed my diet and the pain lessoned a bit, but still remained, then came the passing of large blood clots. After a few months the body itch developed and continued to get worse. It was at this point I went to the doctor’s office and they started on all kinds of procedures to find the cause. Blood test, every opening they stuck something in, cat scans, etc. You name it they did it and I felt like a lab animal. To my amazement nothing at all was found. I then went back and saw a different doctor who looked over my test and said they never did a liver workup for you. I asked WHY??? No answer was given. So through all the test and money spent they got very rich, I got violated, and still no answers. This young doctor ordered a complete liver workup and called me with the news I never expected, HepC. This was in Nov. 2008. With that news my world came to an abrupt halt. What was I going to do?

     I ‘d like to be open and share my heart as these are my beliefs. I hope you don’t mind. When I received the news I just sat still and felt completely hopeless like a small child. It was at that moment I looked up and said to God I have a wife and children and I don’t know what to do, please help father, please! I then heard His voice from within and He said follow Me. That was all I needed to hear. Being a believer in Jesus and knowing how much He loves me, and the many times he has rescued me from my many mistakes, I knew I was not going to face this event alone. Why should I? He is God who has forgiven me of every wrong doing and Loves me more then I could every imagine. Once again I seen His grace at work in my life.. My purpose here is to let you know where I found answers to this virus that was taking my life.

I saw a liver specialist who highly recommended Interferon with Ribavirin and would start me on it right away. He told me I was a good candidate. After reading all about this treatment and knowing the side affects, I looked at him and gave him an unwavering answer of NO WAY!! This was not what my God wanted for me and my heart made it very clear. I was looking for an answer, not seeking to be treated like an animal. I had enough of that with all the test.

    When I was told I had HepC, I immediately went into a complete raw food diet. It felt great and worked for awhile. My viral load went down and it seemed that the raw food diet was working. To my displeasure and not knowing what I was doing, after a few months I had lost over 40 pounds and my whole system was crashing. Things got really bad at this point. What was happening was that I did not have an understanding how the body needs other foods other then just raw foods. My advice to anyone wanting to follow this path, be very cautious and get the proper support and knowledge. The next path was to get my weight back up and back to some sort of wellness. Many people, my wife and family thought that I was at the end of my life. My mind had lost all reality and the decisions that I was making caused us terrible financial problems. HepC is very destructive, make no mistake about it. Was this the path that my God wanted me to follow? Hold on, story not done yet.

    For the next many weeks I spent countless hours on the internet and talked with many people, tried Chinese herbs, etc. You name it; I probably did it or read about it, I was determined to fine an answer. I then was told about MMS, (miracle mineral supplement). This worked very well along with eating properly for awhile, but I was dealing with a virus which is very hard to destroy. MMS works great with bacteria types of illnesses, but with this virus or any virus I believe it is not the answer. So my search continued to find an answer and I would not stop, until I died. I JUST KNEW THE ANSWER I WAS SEARCHING FOR WAS NOT IN THE PROTOCAL OF INTERFERRON.

Fast forward to Sept. 2009. The body itch now was really uncontrollable. I could not sleep more then 2 hours and I literally scratched the skin off my legs until I was bleeding. I came to a point I wanted to die, really, I just wanted to die. I did not care anymore and death seemed to be a pleasant answer. Then one night after complaining for weeks in prayer, and at times getting very angry at God, I through up my arms and said to the Lord, if this is what you want for me and my life is what you desire, then you have me completely and whatever you want have at it, I surrender and follow. It was at that very moment that things turned around and prayers were being answered. I still could not sleep at night and would just go into the living room to praise God for who He was and what He did at the cross. I thank Him everyday for what he has given me through His grace. He did not give me this virus, but He deeply cares for me, and not only me, but also you and everyone. I accepted Jesus as my savior in 1989 and I never really understood His love towards me till now. In Nov. 2009 at a Veterans Memorial service, the (C.M.A.) bike chapter I belong to gave assistance to honor the fallen military men and women. They heard about my illness and prayed over me. From that very day I was able to sleep every night. I was then led to Lloyd Wrights website a couple of weeks later. I read his book, started on the herbs, and supplements that he provides. I have now found an answer to my HepC. My overall wellness is great. My viral load and other liver test are way done, over 50% in less then a month. My weight has come back to normal, my mental alertness is almost completely back, my attitude and the way I view things is fantastic. I have met some fantastic people on this journey and my faith has become much stronger. I understand Gods love much better now and believe he has me here to serve, and to share my testimony. Looking back I would not change one thing. It has made me a much better person. Whenever and wherever I can help others I am here to serve.
End of story.

Here is what I do to assist my liver to become healthy.
Note: everything is organic.

Dandelion tea - night and day, a minimum of 2 cups
Licorice root tea - night and day, a minimum of 2 cups
Milk Thistle tea - night and day, a minimum of 2 cups
Natcell Thymus - twice a week.
2 Thymus capsules - three times a day
1 Super Siliphos capsule - three times a day
1 Dandelion capsule - three times a day
1 licorice capsule - three times a day
1 Selenium capsule - twice a day after a meal
Liver Formula II – 2 each morning
Laktoferrin – 2 each nigh before bed.
Get plenty of sleep, great for the healing process.
I let Zagarese licorice tidbits dissolve in my mouth and do it often.
Before I started using Zagarese licorice I had my blood pressure checked. Use caution here.
Licorice is an antiviral and is very strong. Can also raise your blood pressure.
I drink Ozonated water daily, at least a quart.
I drink Ozonated olive oil twice a week - 1 teaspoon.
I also do Ozone cupping, daily or every other day while bathing in Epsom salt.
I take Epsom salt baths every other day and listen to relaxing sounds.
Ozone is a powerful oxidizer, which can assist in destroying viruses.
Lots of material out there on this.
It is used in many countries.
I drink reverse osmosis water, lots of it. City water has chemicals that will harm the liver.
I drink a teaspoon of Epsom salt once a week.
Liver cleanse with olive oil every 3 weeks.
Enemas weekly, and Colonics when I can.
I am very selective in what I eat.
Each morning I have 1 raw egg mixed with progreens and my favorite juice.
Lots of Jerusalem artichoke flour noodles.
I have a small budget and this works out to be between 300 and 400 a month.

Most importantly I give thanks for All things, everyday.

Smile, laugh, have fun and enjoy life.
There is someone who really loves you and cares for you.

God bless you. My hope is that this will bring hope, joy and healing to you.

Liver cleanse that I do:
Pick a day you can just relax and stay near the bathroom.
The day before I have nothing to drink or eat after 2pm.
At 6pm I mix ¾ tablespoon of epsom salt in warm water or juice, raspberry, blueberry or what ever you desire. I just use warm water now, room temperature
At 8pm I do the same thing and get the olive oil and water ready, ½ cup of each and leave out at room temperature.
At 10pm I mix the olive oil and water and drink it down. I then go straight to bed.
At 6pm or later, no earlier, I drink another class of epsom salt and again 2 hours later.
At this point you can eat or drink, be warned you must stay near the bathroom.
Relax the whole day.


Since I posted my story awhile back I have to say I have been continually gettng better. I change a few things once in awhile and continue to see excellent results. Even when it is hard at times I force myself to focus on the positive rather then think about what could happen. What does bother me from reading some of the testimonials is that those who still are having problems tend to seek doctors advise and focus on the negative. Listen I am not an expert in any since of the imagination, but what I do know is that there are answers to this virus and focusing on the negative effects of the virus will not serve you one bit. Look at it this way, if you new that a storm was coming you would not sit there and focus on it, you would get out of it's way and go somewhere safe. Well you have a storm coming and it is inside of you. You can do 2 things, think about, say woe is me, and seek medical treament from the medical professionals that do not have a cure for this virus or you can get out of it's way by taking positive action and seek advice from those who are having great success. Either way it is what you focus on that will determine your outcome. For me I focus on the One that loves me the most and seek advice from those who have beaten or continue to have great success with the treatment they are on. Either way I have come out a winner. Sorry FDA and the medical society you are not what I seek for comfort or advice.


I know that Lloyd can not say anything or display what others are taking to help with their HCV. However if you email me I will tell you what I take and do. I will not tell you where I get the products, you can discover that for yourself. There is lots of reading material out there on natural supplements and Herbs. All I will tell you is what I am taking and your choices are yours if you do the same or not. I can not recommend anything to diagnose, treat, or cure. I will tell you this, I thank God everyday for not taking interferon. The many horrible stories I have read about is enough to scare a person to death.