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My Lab Work

From: Clara
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 12:37 AM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: Re: lab work

Mr Wright, I first learned in 2005 when i was diagnosised with hep c about your success in overcoming hep c. There was enough information listed in your book to convince me that interferon was not the answer.  I began telling others about your book and the positive impact of the nutrients you took to rid this monster disease. Before i ordered any products to see for myself you provided enough convincing information to not warrant me to go ahead with the treatment that the doctor was so adamant that I needed. It was like cures they do not want you to know about. They who, pharmarceutical companies!  So I attended Hep C Support Groups and found that many people were having the same drawback with interferon and did not have any solutions to their situation.  So I started taking my Triumph Over Hep C book with me. Some of the people would mail me information about Hep C from a Liver Foundation or Coalition in Texas.  Although they would never elude interferon however, they would always list the different authors who had over come Hep C and your books were always included in the articles. It actually assured me that what i had researched and found on my own concerning your products were on track.

I have a protruded disc and bulging disc in my lower lumbar sitting on the nerve of my spine and it has caused foot drop and the doctor says it warrants surgery.  I have a limp when I walk and it burns down my peroneal nerve to the bottom of my foot with a cold and numb sensation.  Because of the anthesia and narcotic pain med I know that my liver has to be treated with kit gloves and be monitored.

In 2005 or 2006 I ordered dandelion root and made tea, dandelion pills, milk thistle and thymus and I faithfully administered these nutrients.  I also took selenimum which I discovered by you later that you even have to monitor excessive intake. So I feel that i really owe the Grace of God and your program the solution and life sustainment this far. It is probably the reason that my lab is not out of control. I am on a low income so that was the only reason that I ordered so small a quantity.  But I believe they were very beneficial to my health. I had no one to turn to and the doctor kept saying there is no cure and utltimate result is liver damage and death. I kept praying and listening for sound wisdom and the Lord allowed me to find out about life experience with Hep C.  Thank you Mr. Wright and now I believe you are fulfilling and walking in your divine purpose on earth. Music was just the beginning of what the Lord ordained for your life.  You had to go through in order to get to your divine purpose and can't no body tell it like you.