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My stats and story below

Hi Lloyd

I'm writing to get your opinion on where best to spend my limited funds on specifically virus eradication as everything else is in good shape. I see you've got some VEP packages available. My stats and story below -

32, male, found out I had Hep C when I was 18, back in 1999 after both my parents found out they had it. We were the only ones in the family to be positive. Its assumed I was either born with it, or got it from them when I was young. Went through the Interferon treatment with my Dad around 2000, stopped before the year was up because I really didn't enjoy it (obviously) I stopped going to doctors for the next 10 years until about 1/12 years ago when I got a new job and had health insurance again.

I never drank, ate well, and exercised over those last 10 years.

In Apr 2011 I got a full checkup with the following results -
ALT 29
AST 24
Viral load - 459810 (it was 354000 when last tested in 2000)

In Oct 2012 I read your book, and started taking daily -
4 x Naringenin 250mg
2 x Quercetin 300mg
3 x Milk Thistle 550mg
2 x Olive Leaf 405mg
2 x Cat's Claw 330mg

I also take 6-12 grams Vit C daily, selenium, fish oil, misc other vitamins and minerals, and occasionally drink a cup or two or milk thistle tea, and dandelion root.

In Oct 2012 right before I started taking all the supplements -
ALT - 58
AST - 39
Viral load - 702679

Last test was in Dec 2012
ALT - 48
AST - 32
Viral load - 927304

So far no reduction in viral load, so I'm specifically looking to invest my time and money into the more potent virus eradicators and not so much in the general health / liver health, if that makes sense.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!



Hi John,

Your numbers look very good.

General health is tied to liver health and HCV is tied in all around.

Virus depletes many nutrients that you need to stay alive.

Selenium is a key item. People with hep c get 8 times more cancer than others.

One reason is because hcv depletes selenium.

Same is true with Lipoic acid.


Milk thistle strengths liver cell walls, is an all round good anti oxidant.

Thymus boosts the immune system.

Dandelion root removes toxins from the liver and the blood which an impaired liver misses.


Those are the 5 items in program one, the 5 items everyone with hep c need to take each day.

You are young and I want to see you stay healthy.

VEP II lowers the viral load for most people.


There is much you need to know.
Do not take Nexium, Prilosec, any acid pump inhibitor
Do not take any antibiotic. Especially amoxicillin.

Do not take any vaccine.
These and more will raise your viral load.

Studies show that people who contracted hep c at birth and early in life live longer with less damage than people who are older.

NatCell Thymus is the best item you could be taking right now. Some is better than none so perhaps you could get some and space it out over more time.

Non-pasteurized aloe is also very good.

 In health,



Hey Lloyd

Just an update - got my latest 3 month labs, and since Dec my viral load has dropped by about 1/2 - down to 471958 from 927304, which is fantastic! I started the VEP 2 package during the last 3 months.

Thanks again!