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Our Move to Prescott, Arizona

Many people have written me about my move to Arizona from Malibu.

Some think I must be nuts. So I thought I would write a few words about this.

I had back surgery in 2007. My back hurt ever since every day, a lot. Nothing would relieve the pain.

Then one day in 2009 I was in Arizona and my back did not hurt. I went back several times and each time I returned to Arizona my back did not hurt. I then put my home in Malibu on the market. This was not easy. I built it, I built everything on the 20 acres in Malibu, planted over 6000 trees from seed, built the roads dug the well, put in the water tanks etc. and I fully planed on dying there. But pain and pain relief changed this.

Prescott, AZTalk about a life style change! In Prescott there are 4 seasons and we have been snowed on several times since our arrival. When Felisa saw the snow for the first time she ran outside and made snow angels. I am sure this girl has never seen real snow before.

We are located about 20 miles north of the city of Prescott in an area called Williamson Valley in the Prescott National Forest.

Here there are horse ranches and very large cattle ranches. Homes are far apart, there are few if any stop signs, signal lights etc. We are out in the country with country folks. Life is slower here, less crowded, no lines, no traffic and less food to select from in the local store but we still have everything you need for your Alternative Medicine Approach to Health. Actually we have even more as space to put things here is greater and less expensive than in Malibu. Also a big plus for anyone living in California, you no longer have to pay sales tax!

My entire staff has moved here with me, they do travel back to Malibu every week or so.

The relative Humidity in Malibu is almost always over 90%. Here the humidity is between 5% and 25%. This I suspect is the main reason for no back pain and no arthritis pain although Dr. Roy says there is more to it. He thinks that there are also magnetic differences, vortexes and other phenomena that can contribute to this Bliss of pain free living. Thousands of people move to Arizona every year for better health, better quality of life.

If you are ever near Prescott, stop on by.

Lloyd, Felisa, Anneke and Debbie.