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Resume all Supplements and Alternatives

From: Marcia
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2011 5:23 PM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: RE: AST/ALT

Hi Lloyd,

I found out what was the matter after being rushed to the emergency room on December 30th, with uncontrollable dry heaves. after an ultrasound, Hidascan and MRCP which registered "0"

I was rushed into surgery to have my gallbladder removed. There were no gallstones at all, seems my gallbladder just stopped working.  I was told this was a very dangerous situation. Had I let it go I would have been deceased within a week. There Is light to this story though, I was able to get  my nuisance hiatal hernia repaired, as well as a new liver biopsy.

Now heres Kudos for you! My liver photo looks as though it's in perfect condition, and the surgeon said he didn't see any noticeable signs of hepatitis c. This is after being diagnosed two years ago at stage 3-4 fibrosis/ cirrhosis. With that said, my physician's written directions from being released from the hospital today says "resume all supplements and Alternatives". I don't want to go against his directions after something like this, so I will still be on Levaquin, which I was given intravenously, and Oxycodone. I'm sure my viral load will suffer, but I'm going to find out on Thursday if I can cut it short. Seems there was a really bad bacterial infection that had started and you could see the liquid surrounding my gallbladder.

Happy New year?