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Russia develops effective drug to treat hepatitis C

Russian scientists have developed an innovative drug that can cure hepatitis C within a month. They started their research in this area over 20 years ago and at present, they have patented the drug which will be available for sale next year.

The drug known as Profetal is based on human alpha-fetoprotein, says Alexander Petrov, head of the Ural Pharmaceutics Cluster, where the project is underway, in an interview with the Voice of Russia.

“This drug is based on a protein, which is produced in the body of women during a certain period of time, and under normal conditions it does not exist in the blood at all,” Alexander Petrov said.   

The specific of alpha-fetoprotein is that it penetrates into a cell where the virus exists and washes it out into blood. Later, anti-virus drugs completely destroy the causative agent of the hepatitis C. As a result, the patient is cured of the dangerous disease within a month.

Although the alpha-fetoprotein is well-known and has been studied thoroughly, no one has made such combinations with it as we do.

The effect achieved by the Russian scientists is much greater than that is produced when patients use traditional drugs against hepatitis C. The course of treatment using these drugs is one year and costs more then one million rubles. In fact, traditional drugs can only remove symptoms but do not cure the illness. According to the specialists from the Urals, the use of profetal leads to a fall in antibodies in blood up to ten times and a patent is completely cured. Interestingly, the wonder drug is ten times cheaper than traditional medicine. 

At present, a factory in Novouralsk is being rebuilt to produce profetal. To buy hi-tech equipment and construct buildings, 960 million rubles have been spent. The Skolkovo fund has made a significant contribution by allocating 400 million rubles to produce it.