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she was just unable to believe that he was free of Hep C


Nice to  hear from you.  I actuallly could have called you a long while ago because his blood work has been good since early in this year but his doctor wanted to repeat the testing so she did 3 months later. Then she repeated all the tests about  two weeks ago.  I think she was just unable to believe that he was free of Hep C.

He has been taking a product since 2001 which our son's mother in law got him started on.  He actually was doing pretty good at staying status quo with it but when our son found a book by Lloyd Wright we investigated and called you in 2008.  Nevertheless, it just wasn't conquering the problem as the Natcell Thymus has for W. and others.  We tell everyone we can about the results he has had with it. We truly appreciate your sharing this with those of us who have this problem. 

W. got it through blood transfusions in 1985 when his left arm was cut off in a car wreck, and they did not screen blood for Hepatitis C.  His was diagnosed in 1998 and he went through chemo which did not work  (of course!)   It has been a joy working with you and we can't thank you enough!  Now that we are both retired it has been a real financial strain for us to keep ordering this and at one time three yrs. into the program I was about to give up on it.  Now I am glad we stayed with it. 

Thanks for saving Wayne's life from the hazards of Hep C!!!!!!!!!!!  May God bless you ever is our prayer.

Sincerely, S&W. C.