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side effects of treatment i was never warned about and have suffered from since treatment

Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 5:42 AM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: [Contact Lloyd] side effects of treatment i was never warned about and have suffered from since treatment

richard davis sent a message using the contact form at

my name is richard, I contracted hep c in 1972 from iv drug use. i am in recovery for nearly 33 years (continous sobriety) i was stricken with cancer in 2005 which made doctors concerned about a disease i had for over 36 years without any trouble. being clean and eating well and a daily regiment of excercise and sports activity i never needed trteatment my liver was fine. 
being i had cancer which was treated successfully they pretty much demanded i go on interfuron to avoid any future immune system breakdown. i have been suffering neurological side effects for over three years which started while being treated with ribaviren&interfuron. numbness in toes started immediately after commencement of treament, doctor said: "i don't think it has anything to do with the treatment rich". whats sad is that he didn't even know that the disease could have caused the problem as well as the treatment. i have been hospitalized for mini strokes (tia's)had needles stuck in my hands, legs head and everywhere else to find the issues that were damaging my mind and body. dragged from a train with no ability to speak words i have used for over 50 years sounding like i was punch drunk.

i have been run around like a dummie with various issues that i have no answers for and doctors who want nothing to do with my claims and ailments. i have since lost my ability to earn the moneys i was did and have been rendered "health insuranceless". i need help with my grievances, in fact it would mean a great deal to at least steak my grievance. despite my blood coming back "non detectable" my life with neuropathy and fear of stroking everyday is devastating and terribly compromised.

if i weren't in recovery in a great 12 step program i would have resorted to drastic measures to defend what i was and am entitled to as a patient of doctors who didn't give a shit about my treatment or my life. they were to lazy and self centered to take time and be honest with me, shame on them.

rich  in new york city

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