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significant explanation and information

From: dreamgirl
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:51 PM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: [Contact Lloyd] Hello from Mongolia, Please help me with my question.

dreamgirl sent a message using the contact form at

If this message is directly sent to Mr. Lloyd, I would like to ask him a question along with my story.

Hello Mr. Wright, I just finished reading your book last night, I read it in one night, just couldn't put it down. I went to the Tempe city library in AZ and brought like 15 books on hepititis C and only run through 2 books about alternative cure for this and yours were one of the two that had significant explanation and information about this horrible disease. My mother have had HVC for a over a 20 years. Now she is only 47, very talented architect who has more to give to this world and Mongolia. She suspects she got HVC after giving birth to me in 1983 through a blood transfusion cause of a blood loss due to labor. Her viral count is now 145,000. ALT 69 and AST 101 (approximately). She is already experiencing extreme fatigue and sleeps almost 15 hrs a day. She is not able to work and she is emotionally scared and depressed.

Lloyd, I admire you and I understand little bit of your hardship in the past. 
I myself, 26 year old girl after just happily getting married got diagnosed with sever rheumatoid arthritis and I couldn't get help and U.S that I had to fly Beijing and get treated. Although, after 8 months on enbrel and methotrexate and all the other side effects, I finally started taking apple cider vinegar and healthy food, I regained myself back. If I had listened to those doctors in beijing or in United states, I would have suffered even more. I believe that you are truly a hero for fighting for your life and for others life to awaken them from this sad cycle of the society.

  My only question from you is here: I am going back to Mongolia were my mother is and trying to take some of the NatCell live thymus gland and liver with me. But I really don't know how to take it through those 15 hours with 3 connecting flights through 3 different countries. I understand that you said live ones are better than capsules. Also if there is any other information I can find exactly how it is extracted from cow. Because in Mongolia, we have free roaming the most healthy cattles. We have 20 million free roaming nomadic cattles over the country. If eating the cow thymus gland and liver will help? I am sorry if that is kind of a ridiculous question.

Please help me to save my beloved mother.

From: Lloyd Wright
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 10:33 AM
To: 'dreamgirl
Subject: RE: [Contact Lloyd] Hello from Mongolia, Please help me with my question.

Hello Dreamgirl,

There is a lot one can do in this situation. Next time your mom gets lab work make sure she gets a ferritin test and iron panel. At 48 I would expect her to be in better health. High ferritin and high iron can make one feel bad and removing the iron or ferritin can help one get back to normal, 1/3 of people with hep c have high iron and or ferritin.
Make sure she does not take antibiotics or vaccines. Not sure what they do in this regard in Mongolia.

People from all over the world take NatCell on planes to their countries without difficulties. Airplane companies allow 5 pounds of Dry ice in a package, must be checked.
There are some other items that will be helpful for your mother.
My VEP package are the new items that can help, I will attach some info on these new items.
I am here for any question.

In health,