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Sincere thanks and a bit of my story

To: lloyd
Sent: 2/16/2012 7:53:20 P.M.
Subj: Sincere thanks and a bit of my story

Dear Mr. Wright:

Firstly, I am a 60 year old male who can truly relate to your life/lifestyle back "in the day", perverse humor (compliment), and your brave journey to save your own life when all the "experts" said you were nuts and just accept death. The difference being that I had you as my personal guide, along with a few doctors who told me about you and provided additional guidance. I sincerely thank you for the insight and information provided over two (2) years ago, when my Hep C reared its ugly head again, after over 30 years of remaining "dormant". Don't know weather the overdose of acetaminophen (60 Tylenol ES) while carrying my mother to various hospitals, with a shattered hip or  from my then heroin addicted girlfriend, who had Hep C (was ignorant of both addiction and virus), with sores/cysts over her body, which, at times, I assisted and got covered with her infected blood.  

Upon learning of the virus again active, I immediately freaked and found one of the supposedly best liver doctors in the New Orleans area. Began the interferon/ribavirun treatments. As these meds were taking a devastating toll on my body and wiping out my red blood cells 3 month into treatment, Procrit was added to attempt to increase my red blood count. This was an 11 month program, which was costing a minimum of 5 Gs a month, as my insurance excluded all having to do with Hep C. However, after month 10, my viral load level increased and my red blood cell count was 13,000. I was then told to wait for a newer generation of meds or get in line for a liver transplant. That's when I began searching and found a physician who introduced me to you and your books. As a side note, I'm in the Natural Gas Exploration business and from 2007 thru 2010 the largest natural gas field (Haynesville Shale) in the US was discovered in N.W. LA. and E. TX. and money was no problem - that is just the opposite now as numerous other "shale" fields were discovered and the price of NG is the lowest it's been in over 7-8 years.

I followed the path of the majority of your book, while adding two (2) supplements manufactured by Liv on Labs, being Vitamin C and GSH, all recommended by my doctor, now friend. Not promoting company, but I think, after reading your book, that you have a open mind willing to expand with any product that could add to the success rate.

After eating well (organically) and taking supplements recommended by you and others, I had blood work performed about only 6 months after my last doctor's visit and results were I was Hepatitis C FREE! Was extremely excited and, as I became friends with nurses and office manager of my former liver doctor, I thought to share the news, so they could provide others, who were told they had no hope, that there was indeed an alternative remedy. The girls passed the info to the doctor, who stated that the test was flawed! I then had blood work performed a year later and called again with the amazing (good) results and still a negative response from the doctor, who still was not interested in speaking with me nor even seeing me again as a patient. THIS BLEW ME AWAY! However, the office manager did state that the tests were the exact test they would have ordered and, according to the results, I was indeed, Hep C FREE.

I now have a situation where a dear friend of mine has the Hep C marker, but is afraid of doing blood work for viral load levels. I suggested that, if she is too emotionally fragile to do the blood work, which both you and I can relate, to please try your remedies prior to pursuing this through standard MD methods of interferon, et al. If you can provide any additional recommendations, it will be greatly appreciated. I shall now go to your website and order as much as I can afford for my friend. If/when time permits, could one of your staff advise as to what products you find most essential in the treatment, as funds are limited.

I give you authority to use all or any portion of this email to possibly help others and I can't thank enough for saving my life.

Sincerely grateful,
Richard J. Hamilton