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TA-65 Testimonials

TA-65 ®MD has been a great addition to the daily regimen for individuals who truly value the idea of healthy aging and healthy living.   

Customers ranging from professional athletes to retired grandparents have been reaping the benefits of TA-65 ®MD.

Below are testimonials from two of our customers: 

"I'm pleased to provide you with the following response based upon taking one (1) 250-unit capsule daily for approx. 45 days since meeting you / Dean in Anaheim.

During this time, I have not altered the significant amounts of vitamins / nutritional supplements which I also consume.

While I have not pursued any clinical / medical testing to confirm specific markers, my personal experience is 100%++ consistent with the effects outlined by Dr.  Woynarowski's statement that "TA65 improves overall energy, improves skin quality and visual acuity, increases bone mineral density, reduces blood sugar and fasting insulin, reduces CRP, and other markers of chronic inflammation, and improves sexual function ..... independent of any other changes in diet or lifestyle."

Further, I've been able to increase weight-lifting amounts by 5-10% @ 24-hour Fitness while actually losing body weight.

Most importantly, within approx. 30 days of consuming TA65, the chronic pain from a college football injury in my right knee, which has escalated considerably during the past 5 years, i.e. after I turned 60, has dissipated completely and I can now walk / jog pain-free again. Earlier this year, my wife / I had been considering surgery / a complete knee replacement as possible solutions.

Based upon this highly-favorable impact, I'm now very optimist that TA65's unique and powerful ability to inhibit / stop cellular aging REALLY WORKS and could extend healthy human lifespans very substantially. I'm looking forward to taking TA65 and TAScience's Next Generation telomerase activation / related products to maintain / improve my health indefinitely."

- Richard C., California 

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"I purchased a 90-day supply of TA-65  to try and see what kind of results I would get.  I'm currently 45 years old as of Jan. 10, and I've been doing quite a bit of research into anti-aging regiments and products.  I discovered TA-65  thru Dr. Bill Andrews at Sierra Sciences who gave a lecture at the Smart Life Forum in early 2011.  

I wanted to say that I love this stuff!  I started on an anti-aging program about 7-8 years ago when I was in my late '30s trying various supplements, but I've never gotten such great results in such a short period of time including.

- My skin is much softer and smoother
- Better quality of sleep including some vivid dreaming interestingly

- Better overall muscle tone

- Less body fat

- Improved aerobic capacity

- Reduced soreness after exercise

- Increased libido

Also, my body seems to be "repairing" little cosmetic blemishes. For example, I've had a ingrown toenail on my right foot for years that's actually healing itself after many years of being ingrown.  Also, I noticed that small  blemishing on my skin and fingers seem to be disappearing as well including an unsightly keloid scar on my left shin.

 Thanks so much for bringing this product to market and making it available"

                                                                                              - Joseph G., California  

More Information about TA-65 here.