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Is three months some kind of record?

From: randy  
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 11:09 AM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: healthy hoppin hepper

Dear LLoyd.. you will be glad to know that your products have worked frighteningly fast.  I am down 10 million to 900 thousand IP/ml  and alt and ast are in the normal range from 115 and 170

Is three months some kind of record? I should mention that I also juice the Gerson whole food therapy. 

I had to stop some of the supplements in an attempt to find out what it was that is inflaming my arthritic joints.  I think it is the porcine thymus.  Can you confirm this?

I am so f*****d up in pain it's not funny.  If you think it is likely to be the glandular extract Then I will switch to the narigenin as the primary antivirus.

What say you Lord Wright?..Randy

From: Lloyd Wright
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 11:35 AM
To: 'randy
Subject: RE: healthy hoppin hepper

Hi Randy,

I have discovered that taking S-ACETYL-GLUTATHIONE can help this joint pain a lot. Takes about 20 days, one a day. This stuff is expensive. Also take 2 krill oil each morning and 2 in the afternoon and the joint pain will diminish, this also takes about 20 days to start being very noticeable.

I provide more thymus than anyone else on earth. If it inflamed joints people would be telling me this all the time. But, it is a immune system booster and some say this can cause arthritis problems. It is also an immune modulator and in this frame, it can stop arthritis.

If thymus turns out to be a problem for you, try my Anti aging, it has less thymus, also some adrenal, Mesenchyme and some shark which is very good for this pain.

Naringenin is not really a anti viral. HCV moves from one cell to another on LDL cholesterol. Naringenin stops the ability of HCV to move from one cell to another.

I am very happy your viral load has dropped and I thank you very much for letting me know.

In health,


I need to know if it it's better to give in to the tired feeling or push through it with a workout? I know this is going to sound strange  for some but my life revoles around fitnesss and a healthy lifestyle. I don't know if I am doing my body more harm or more good, I would push through and workout but again don't want to do more harm to it. thanks jen