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Tumors on my Kidneys and my Pancreas

Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 1:06 PM
To: LloydWright
Subject: [Contact Lloyd] After treatment

Rene'e Percy sent a message using the contact form at


Hi...not sure where to begin. I am a 53 year old woman, I've had HepC for more than 30 years. It's been a while since I was on treatment, started treatment in late Jan. 2009 and ended on 7/7/09.

I've had many problems. My thyroid was damaged due to treatment along with my mental health. In December of 2009 I had a heart attack and they (doctors&hospitals) could not tell me why nothing was wrong with my arteries or vains, and just last July (2010) had to have a pacemaker installed ended up with a heart disease called bradyarrhythmias. I feel like my overall health declines each day even after the pacemaker.

It is my believe that all the problems I've had and are having .... tumors on my kidneys as well as my pancreas are a direct result from INTERFERON. I have no insurance at this time so I am unable to see any doctors, not that I really want to...they all scare me now. Just a little bit more about me, I've been clean and sober since December 29, 1989 and I do not smoke, don't even eat red meat.  Any advise on what I should do?

With warm regards,