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virus free from interferon / ribavirin therapy

From: ask Lloyd
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 7:41 PM
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I just stumbled upon your videos and website today. I took the interferon / ribavirin therapy in 2007. I've been virus free. And as you're aware, my body was destroyed.

I've been an avid weightlifter/runner for almost 30 yrs. and although, I had hep c, I felt great. My viral load was only 260,000 and I had the virus for 15 yrs. I'm 45 now and can't get back to normal. I've tried 2 alternative doctors and I'm still broken.

I have severe insomnia 1-2 hrs. sleep (unless I take prescription drugs), arthritis, osteopenia, hypothyroidism, body aches, continued hair loss, vision loss, depression, weak adrenals, stomach problems, brainfog, no energy.

Can you recommend anything to build back the body from this horrific nightmare? I take so many neurotransmitters, some aminos, vitamins/antioxidants and nothing seems to make me feel any different. I need my life back. I look forward to hearing from you. Glad you are well. Thanks for sharing your story and helping others.

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