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What about mercury removal?

From: cheryl
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 5:20 PM
To: Lloyd Wright

Hi LLoyd,

Cheryl from Canada here.  I have some updates and some questions.  I've been on the program #2 for approximately 10 months.  During that time I have gone from scores of ALT 777 and AST 621 while I was on Tamoxifen to scores of AST 329 ALT 440 in April 2011 to September where I have come down to AST 160 and ALT 152. 

I have odered the V.E.P 11 fpr the past few months as well and am trying to take everything but sometimes just can't get everything down.

 I have had 3 phlebotomies during that time because of a high iron count and have had 2 Vit c intravenous drips.

I am also taking Glutathione and glutamine on the advice of my homeopath.

I have had a test for mercury and am quite high.  My homeopath thinks its important I get them removed. I have gone to a dentist and he says I have 7 mercury fillings that need to be removed.  He can do it in one sitting- a long one.  I am worried that my count will go up after what has been a long hard trial getting them at least to where they are now.  I know dental work is one of the things you state will increase your numbers.  He is a homeopathic dentist who will put me on Intravenous C for the procedure and is highly skilled about mercury removal. Do you think its worth the risk of the higher numbers?  I know you were on your program for 18 months before you cleared the virus.  I know I have had a lot of extra challenges with the cancer treatment so I may be way slower.  I'm happy with my progress and hope in time I can bring those numbers right down. I'm worried this will be another set back.  My homeopath thinks its important for my hea;ing to take the metals out. Is mercury also bad for the liver as well as iron?  Could it be slowing my progress?

Also. I've started getting head-aches.  I don't know where its coming from .  I gave up coffee and that helped for a few weeks but I have another one now and they keep me from sleeping and last a couple of days usually.  Ice packs help.  Any idea what that might be from?  Something I'm taking?

Thanks for listening LLoyd and God Bless,


From: Lloyd Wright
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 8:39 AM
To: '
Subject: RE: cheryl

 Hi Cheryl,

Very good to hear from you!

Some people are affected by mercury and others are not. I know it is expensive as my office manager has been having her mercury removed over a period of years.

When taking Oxymatrine please be sure and take it with a meal.

It is very important to keep iron and ferritin low. I had cancer 3 times before I discovered that ½ of the people diagnosed with cancer in the US have high ferritin and or iron and that no one ever does anything about it. Since I have been getting phlebotomy every month no more cancer, feel great.

The Ultra Absorbic C I provide works better than IV drip over time. Seen it hundreds of times. People spend a fortune on IV drip, when they stop everything goes back to where it was. Ultra absorbic c when taken daily over a long period seems to have better healing properties.

The higher numbers from dental work are mostly from antibiotics, especially amoxicillin. Do not take these.

Try some melatonin for your headaches. Studies show that up to 40% of serious migraines can be stopped with melatonin. It is best to get a prescription one if you can.

The mercury is up to you.  If it were me I would get it out.

In health,