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Without the Suplements He Gets From You He Would Not Have Survived


E.J. and Cherry

Your Question
for Lloyd

Dear Lloyd,Not a question, just wanted you to know how well my husband E.J. is doing since he started taking your supplements (I think it's been 4 yrs now. His viral count has dropped to 11,114 from close to 16,000 a yr ago and before that it was even higher. Just can't remember the numbers. He takes the VEP II plus the the Thymus in the capsule, also your Super Vit B. His weight is low but (117-125) but he is feeling very good these days. We lost our Cabin in SW New Mexico this summer in the WhiteWater Baldy Complex in which 300,000 acres burned plus 12 cabins (ours being one of them) in the upper canyon of the Willow Creek Ranch.

E.J. was there before the fire started, he was evacuated but he stayed in the Incident Command Camp for 2 days then had to leave but was back as soon as we were allowed back in (abt 2 wks) and he stayed through the whole ordeal. In all he lived on our land for 6mos. The clean up was huge which he with the help of family was able to get the bulk cleaned up within about a month. He stayed and established a good camp, built a small log cabin for storage and was able to start working on the logs for our new log cabin. The cabin that burned was a 50 yr cabin that was built by he and his dad.

The reason I go into this detail is because he was actually able to do everything and maintain his health. The loss of the cabin and the forest has been a very emotional and stressful experience on so many families that were affected by this horrendous loss. E.J. has always been a very physically strong and very intelligent individual. With the onset on the Hep C he practically dwindled away right before my eyes. I truly didn't believe he would ever be himself again. Through it all he has had some tramatic moments but I truly believe without the Suplements he gets from you he would not have survived. He has a lot of support from Me and his children and grandchildren but it takes much more to heal and I do believe your program has brought him physically to a healing that he would not have otherwise had. Thanks so much!

May God Bless You and May Your Days Be Many and Happy!Sincerely, Cherry and E.J.  

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