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your book is very motivational

From: Rene
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 2:08 PM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: Re: Ask Lloyd ...

Hey! Lloyd

i received your book i just want to say thank you because your book is very motivational for people living with hep c it really keeps my hopes up despite all of the hardships of this life we live. My wife Irene also wants thank you because it has been a good while since she has seen me this happy. We have both agreed that we need to make a change in our lifestyle so that we may enjoy life a lot more.

Soon i will be trying out your products starting with program one. We are keeping our hopes up that this will really work. At least enough to keep me feeling good until i can really get aggressive with treating myself. I've decided to take your advice and stay as far as possible from conventional medicine the side effects sound pretty nasty i don't need interferon and if i can take care of myself i am sure i will, stay away from that stuff. I have never in my life taken any prescription drugs and i really don't want to start now i will just stick to your program and i know that i will get out of this with the help of my family and a very special person named Lloyd Wright thank you so much.


Rene F.