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Your personal experience with Interferon and Ribavirin has been?

Positive and helpful
10% (5 votes)
Very disruptive and harmful to my life
90% (44 votes)
Total votes: 49

There is hope and Life with this virus

Yes it is hard to cope with, but you have to believe there is hope. With the correct natural supplements you can have your life back and be productive again. I know, I personnally know. Even though I still have the virus, I am able to be very productive and I am getting much better every day. Personally I would NOT listen to doctors and only get the blood results, then take the supplements that will help. Listen your immune system was design by a master and was created to take care of every known illness, virus and decease. The medication that the doctors give will only tear down your immune system and the virus will get worse. They know that and that is exactly why they give the medication, to keep you ill so they can get rich. Cure your illnesses naturally by eating properly and taking natural supplements created by a master for your own good. That master is not a person but God Himself who gave wisdom to those who desired to seek for answers to help you.

Interferon-Ribavirin complications

after 7 years of problems from that medication I have finally applied for disabilitiy. I have tried every thing that I can think of with the help a good Doctor and I am still having that mental fatigue problem that causes in my reactions to things. I scaved through the last five years at Dell here and they have closed the facility. With this constant fatigue going on most of the time I am not going to put another Employer through this again. I am not getting better and I don't believe I will ever be healthy enough to work a normal 40 hour a week job.

i know exactly what your

i know exactly what your saying   it put g.p. through my problems and now it is sealed air . ive been fighting this for almost 6 years.  im 45 years young and feel 80. my dr here in indianapolis will not sign me out for ssi. i can barely do my job . im a heavy industrial mechanic.

There is Hope

Please contact me and allow me to share some information that might help. Believe there is hope.