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Telomere Length Could Predict Cold Virus Infection Risk

Why are some people crippled by colds, while others seem to never get sick? A new study suggests the answer could lie in our telomeres, the DNA "caps" at the end of our chromosomes that protect our genetic information from damage. Each time a cell divides, its telomeres shorten -- and short telomeres have been associated with aging and age-related diseases.

THIS is What Causes Aging

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Dr. Ed Park is an expert in stem cells an telomerase. Here he discusses what aging is and what it happening at the cellular level, that causes our bodies to slowly break down and age over time.

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I have been taking TA-65 for 6 months

From: Sherrie
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2012 12:39 PM
Subject: TA-65

I have been taking TA-65 for 6 months.  I used to wake up every morning with aches and pains from fibromyalgia.  Wake up refreshed and no pain.  Feel stronger, look younger.  Skin and hair have improved.  Skin is firmer and hair is thicker.  Do not have tired feeling during the day.  Sleep better.  Age 57.


TA-65 Science

TA 65 the Anti-Aging Science of Telomeres

Measuring Telomere Length

We at T.A. Sciences believe that measuring telomere length will eventually be as common as measuring for cholesterol and actually more important. But not all telomere measurements are created equal. Since it is only the shortest telomeres that cause cells to become senescent, it is important to measure short telomeres, not mean length.

Accordingly T.A. Sciences would like to introduce Life Length, the only company currently offering short telomere testing. People should know if they have short telomeres so they can do something about it before it is too late. And that “something” is TA-65, the only proven telomerase activator on the market. (Telomerase lengthens short telomeres.)

New Anti-Aging Pill Under Fire

In an era of seemingly magical technology, the notion that scientists could develop a pill that might slow the aging process doesn’t seem that far-fetched. After all, we can now perform face transplants. We can control machines with our minds. How far could we be from producing a treatment that rejuvenates our cells?

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