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Dr. John Ward, Head of Viral Hepatitis at the CDC

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Dr. John Ward talks about Hepatitis in the HIV community.

They really do not say much about HVC other than ½ of the people with AIDS also have a co-infection of HCV and that more people die from HCV than AIDS.

They make it sound like a public service but what it really is is a need to make more money pushing a treatment that does not work. And as always they have a cure right around the corner and last year they had the 100% cure which turned out to kill people and never was a 100% cure as advertised in the LA times in full page ads and on KNX radio.

Not sure I believe any of them anymore. To many lies from the past.

FDA Breaks Promise on Proposed New Supplement Rules

FDA promised not to enforce the NDI guidance until it was final. Last Friday, they broke that promise.

Group Asks Why Breast Cancer Sufferers Lionized, Hepatitis C Sufferers Scorned

Dozens of people gathered outside San Francisco City Hall Wednesday to raise awareness about hepatitis C and call on government officials to take action to ensure care for people that are suffering from the virus.

The event, organized by the city's Hepatitis C Task Force, brought together people who have suffered from the virus and their supporters, including representatives of Mayor Gavin Newsom and Supervisor Bevan Dufty.

World Hepatitis Day: Will CA Allow Pharmacists to Save Lives and Money through Syringes?

May 19th marks World Hepatitis Awareness Day - a great opportunity for California to take action to help prevent liver cancer and liver disease caused by hepatitis C and B. We ask you to join us in supporting Senate Bill 1029 to ensure all Californians have access to an essential and common-sense component of an effective hepatitis prevention strategy: the ability to purchase sterile syringes in a pharmacy.

Fire fighters will commemorate World Hepatitis Day

Obviously, fire fighters risk their lives when they fight fires. But you probably never realized they also risk their lives when they provide medical aid to people.

That’s why the Tallahassee Fire Department and Hepatitis Ready Care organization will commemorate World Hepatitis Day on Wednesday. The event will be at 10 a.m. at Fire Station 3 at 3005 S. Monroe St.

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