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Antibiotic Side Effects with Bladder infection



Your Question for Lloyd

I have been diagnosed with Hep C since 1996. following your book suggestion I have done 100% better. After liver biopsy, my liver was Great! I have been plagued with cramps, hot flashes, and night sweats, accompanied with kidney or bladder infections..What can I do to help me stop going through antibiotics and their side effects? Thanks for making it easier for me to live with Hep C!

I was convinced to take telapravir

Form Results
Name: abby
Your Question for Lloyd How can I improve my health? and get rid of hep c?
I was convinced to take telapravir in miami, was one of the chosen.
almost died from it, sores, blisters, severe illness, hospitalized and tortured. i am exhausted, cranky, have painful joints and cry. not a drug addict, not sure how i contracted it. my fiance had it. do you have an on site clinic?

All Normal in Australia

hi lloyd

just letting you know that all my liver results are all in the normal range considering only 4 months ago they were in the high 200 s and my ggt was 490 so good news my albumin is 39 .

Biopsy Results In

From: Marcia
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 10:17 AM
To: lloyd
Subject: Biopsy results in

Hi Lloyd,

it's official, recent liver biopsy after emergency gallbladder surgery states:
mild activity (grade 2)
and minimal fibrosis (stage 1).

Two years ago it was
Moderate activity (grade 3/4)
and septal fibrosis (stage 3/4).
4 being the beginning stage of cirrhosis. 

ALT & AST Improvement on Lloyd's Regime

From: Rick
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 2:45 PM
To: 'Lloyd Wright'
Subject: AST and ALT


I just wanted to share with you.  On 11/24/10 after not following any program for a couple of years my  AST was 54 and my ALT was 131.  I was very disappointed.  I got on this regime recommended by you- Frozen Thymus, NADH, Blueberry Extract, Liver Formula II, and Laktoferrin -all at your recommended dosages and less than 2months later my AST is 48, ALT 43. 

Very pleased and thank you and anymore recommendations would be appreciated.  I opted out of the liver biopsy and am  looking for someone to do the fibroscan in the US.  You were looking to find for me).  I have a prescription to have the fibro blood test done also.


Fibroscan information:

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