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New FDA Warning: Antibiotics Linked To Nerve Damage

Certain antibiotic drugs cause permanent nerve damage. Here is what you need to know about the risks and what you can due to help your body heal naturally.

Black Box Warning: May Cause Permanent Nerve Damage

A certain class of antibiotics have been issued a new black box warning because they cause serious nerve damage. Black box warnings are the most serious and often deadly side effects of drugs that are literally outlined in a black box on the package insert. Fluoroquinolones, such as Cipro, Levaquin, and Floxin were prescribed to over 23 million people in 2011 alone. They are commonly prescribed for respiratory and urinary tract infection. These are relatively simple conditions that have many natural and safe treatment alternatives. However, antibiotics are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in America. Those hoping to find health from a pill are in for a very serious and very dangerous surprise.  These drugs cause peripheral neuropathy within a few days of starting the medication. The nerve damage may last for months or it may be permanent even when the drug is stopped. They do not cause this nerve damage in every person who takes them; however, you are playing Russian Roulette every time you take most prescription drugs. You may be the one who is permanently affected. Is it worth the risk simply for a possibly quicker recovery from an infection?

FDA Seeking to Ban More Vitamins!

June 19, 2013: Dr. Mercola reports Senator Durbin's plans to increase FDA power over our supplements, claiming "under-reported" adverse events!

But, what is the truth about adverse events? Here is what Dr. Mercola found out:

Why has the government been trying to imprison a doctor who has cured hundreds of cancer patients

Dear lai,  

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has cured hundreds of people of brain cancer over the past three decades from his Houston, TX clinic. The State of Texas tried and failed once and the Federal Government tried twice to convict him of any wrongdoing, with several of his grateful patients as witnesses testifying that the doctor cured them of cancers previously thought to be incurable.

Why has the government been trying to imprison a doctor who has cured hundreds of cancer patients, many of whom are still in remission 10 years after treatment?

Video (108 mins):
'Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business' - Part 1

Hepatitis C drug linked to 'FATAL Skin Reaction'

Learn more:

If you or someone you know suffers from hepatitis C, you may want to think twice about succumbing to conventional drug treatment options, which could end up resulting in unexpected death. As reported by Army Times and others, Incivek (telaprevir), a popular drug used to treat hepatitis C, has been implicated in causing fatal skin reactions in at least two hepatitis C patients worldwide, and the drug appears to be especially deadly when used in combination with other hepatitis C drugs such as Victrelis (boceprevir).

Both Incivek, which is manufactured by Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and Victrelis, which is manufactured by Merck & Co., were brought to market in 2011 to treat hepatitis C. But since that time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received at least 112 reports of patients developing very serious skin conditions, particularly as a result of using Incivek. Because of this, the agency recently decided to update the package insert for the drug, warning users about its dangers.

The FDA Does What?!

From: Liz S
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 2:35 PM
To: Lloyd wright
Subject: fwd: The FDA does what?


I am a mom of 4 kids, and I just want the best for them.
So I purchased natural raw foods in local markets and from Amish farmers who traveled down from Pennsylvania.
At least I used to until armed FDA agents stormed into my neighborhood and raided natural food sellers.
They even posed as moms to catch these "criminals."
You see, the FDA thinks they know better than me what’s good for my children, and that’s just plain wrong.

Please take a look at Senator Paul’s email below and sign the petition supporting his amendment to end the FDA’s armed raids.


FDA Breaks Promise on Proposed New Supplement Rules

FDA promised not to enforce the NDI guidance until it was final. Last Friday, they broke that promise.

threatened with jail time for “practicing nutrition without a license”

By Jack Minor
A blogger in North Carolina has been threatened with jail time for “practicing nutrition without a license” by writing about his experiences with diabetes and telling readers what types of food he was eating.

It was in January when the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition told blogger Steve Cooksey, who writes at, that it was investigating him for providing nutrition care services without a license.

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