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George is a long time client and now he has lung cancer.

concert for george
@ Rossi's in Sonoma, CA

Please post this
to all your facebook friends

& email to as many as you can

Every one is wellcome to set in & make MUSIC,MUSIC,MUSIC

If you can’t make the Concert please visit:

The George Kohler
Medical Fund

About the Affordable Healthcare Act and Pre Existing Conditions

Based on Lloyd's findings when attempting to check out health plans compliant with the ACA I tried to verify these statements but could not recreate the the answers given to find these statements that Lloyd DID find while attempting to comply.  Personally, I found the the plans and the laws to be so complicated and variable that I don't understand how anyone can make an informed decision based on the information provided by or any of the other health insurance corporate welfare recipients claiming to care for patients with the tools provided.  You may want to track changes with ObamacareWatch but I did not find many answers in their info either.

To find these disclosures Lloyd was looking at the first 2014 ACA compliant blue cross plan. It said it does not cover prescription drugs so you have to buy the additional plan at the bottom for an additional 107 a month. Then if you click on pre-existing info you find the statements below.  I could not recreate this.  I could not determine my monthly out of pocket expense for the "mandatory" health coverage.  I could not understand how the government expects people at the poverty level to pay Anything out of pocket for health coverage that they are being "forced" to purchase.  You can't squeeze blood from a stone, hopefully this won't turn into an excuse to put stones in prison for not having blood.  These laws seem to be a huge financial boon to health insurance companies and have little to no positive impact on people who actually need an Affordable healthCare Act.

How to Read Your Hepatitis C Lab Tests

Click to Watch It

Lloyd explains the basics of how to read your hepatitis c blood test reports and what some crucial indicators can tell you about your health.

I Completed 1 Year of Pegysus & Ryboviron

Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2012 6:39 PM
To: LloydWright
Subject: [Contact Lloyd] same as the rest

Kelli sent a message using the contact form at

I dont know what to do. I completed 1 year of Pegysus & Ryboviron durung the "only" time in my life that I had health insurance and of course now that I'm severely suffering with side affects...I have no health insurance. I've had to file for disability and been denied now for almost 2 years. I'm facing loosing my home (bungalow) and what about my quality of life now. I'm seeing comments on this site re; being better off with the Hep-C and that's exactly what I've been saying. I need some ammunition for disability. Please help me. 
Please Please Help Me

God help the allopathic system

79 Year Old Mother Doing GREAT
After 5 Years on Program

Hi, Felisa -

Thank you for this info - it will be helpful!  I just now faxed Vera's four-page blood test results from May.  Everything is looking great except for the viral load, which isn't sky high - but does demonstrate that she needs to be staying on top of things!  We really appreciate Lloyd looking the results over and giving a recommendation.  Are we at the point where Vera can go on a "maintenance" plan - or do we need to go back at it pretty hard in order to knock the viral count down to near zero?  I would MUCH rather be radical now, when Mom is feeling good, than wait until things flare up. 

Tumors on my Kidneys and my Pancreas

Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 1:06 PM
To: LloydWright
Subject: [Contact Lloyd] After treatment

Rene'e Percy sent a message using the contact form at


Hi...not sure where to begin. I am a 53 year old woman, I've had HepC for more than 30 years. It's been a while since I was on treatment, started treatment in late Jan. 2009 and ended on 7/7/09.

I've had many problems. My thyroid was damaged due to treatment along with my mental health. In December of 2009 I had a heart attack and they (doctors&hospitals) could not tell me why nothing was wrong with my arteries or vains, and just last July (2010) had to have a pacemaker installed ended up with a heart disease called bradyarrhythmias. I feel like my overall health declines each day even after the pacemaker.

It is my believe that all the problems I've had and are having .... tumors on my kidneys as well as my pancreas are a direct result from INTERFERON. I have no insurance at this time so I am unable to see any doctors, not that I really want to...they all scare me now. Just a little bit more about me, I've been clean and sober since December 29, 1989 and I do not smoke, don't even eat red meat.  Any advise on what I should do?

With warm regards,

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