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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Virus and Natural Compounds: a New Antiviral Approach?


Hepatitis C is a major global health burden with an estimated 160 million infected individuals worldwide. This long-term disease evolves slowly, often leading to chronicity and potentially to liver failure. There is no anti-HCV vaccine, and, until recently, the only treatment available, based on pegylated interferon and ribavirin, was partially effective, and had considerable side effects.

Investigation seeks answers on Fremont doctor whose clinic infected 99 people with hepatitis C

A 12-year-long hunt for answers began just after Fremont, Neb., set off its Fourth of July fireworks in 2002.

That day, Fremont's Dr. Tom McKnight took a deep breath and walked into the office of Dr. Tahir Ali Javed, Fremont's sole oncologist. He needed to confront Javed about a problem.

Five Fremont-area residents, including McKnight's own wife, Evelyn, had recently tested positive for hepatitis C — a dangerous and sometimes deadly virus.

The positive tests befuddled McKnight. But members of the group did have one terrifying thing in common: All were cancer patients being treated inside Javed's clinic.

This uncomfortable conversation between doctors felt doubly awkward because Javed, his wife and the McKnights had grown close during Evelyn McKnight's two bouts with breast cancer. They had dined together on Saturday nights. They had shared hopes and fears. When Evelyn McKnight got sick, Javed's wife took casseroles to her house so she wouldn't have to cook.

Now Tom McKnight, as gently as he could, broached the idea that Javed's office might be the cause of a hepatitis C outbreak and a potential public health nightmare.  Javed listened and then promised that, together, they would get to the bottom of this medical mystery.

Two days later, the well-liked oncologist boarded a plane in Omaha bound for his native Pakistan. He had told Fremont hospital administrators and his office staff that his mother had fallen gravely ill and he needed to care for her.

I will be back in two weeks, Javed promised.

He never returned.

Widespread access to new HCV antivirals feasible within 15 years

Large-scale manufacturing of direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C is possible within the next 15 years, with a minimum target price of $100 to $250 for a 12-week treatment course, recent data suggest.

At that cost, widespread access to such treatments in low- and middle-income countries is a feasible goal, according to the research team from Liverpool University in the United Kingdom, Howard University in Washington, D.C., Imperial College London and University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Thanks for taking the time to review my lab tests

From: dario
Subject: RE: Labwork

Hi Lloyd

Thanks for taking the time to review my lab tests.

As you probably know healthcare is a little different here in the UK, we get most things free, including lab tests, so the results they send out are a little basic.

Hospital Worker gets 39 Years in Hepatitis Case

A traveling medical technician was sentenced Monday to 39 years in prison for stealing painkillers and infecting dozens of patients in multiple states with hepatitis C through tainted syringes.

Do I need treatment with interferon

Hello. How are you? My name is Mariya and I'm badly need your advice . On November 4. 2013  I'm was diagnosed with hepatitis C . Don't know what to do.

Thank You Earth Angel

Dearest Lloyd,

Felisa, who i adore, said you could let me know how i am doing via my lab results. Am not seeing a specialist, have been on your program 1 for a couple of years now, with a few additions :)

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