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Hepatitis C

Hep C Stigma as a Pharmaceutical Marketing Device

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At first glance this looked like an anti-stigma message. Forcing people living with blood borne viruses to use their own crockery is an extremely common form of discrimination linked to HIV and viral hepatitis stigmas.


This is from a client who recently received a liver transplant.

Notice item number 4, Omeprazole. This is the same as Nexium and Prilosec, drugs that I clearly identified to raise viral load Dramatically in HCV all the way back in  2002. This client trusts his liver transplant doctors. This man has been threatened with being forced to take interferon because his viral load keeps skyrocketing.

Notice item # 8. All multi vitamins  have vitamin E. Vitamin E has been identified as not compatible with HCV. It raises the viral load and AST, ALT

The "Cure" for Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C survivor Lloyd Wright discusses the several claims of cures for hepatitis c that have come along since 1995.

Lloyd will live on the radio (internet & real life)
May 26, 5-6pm Pacific Time

Selenium deficiency is associated with insulin resistance in patients with hepatitis C virus–related chronic liver disease


The relationship between selenium (Se) deficiency and insulin resistance has not much been established in persistent hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, although Se deficiency is often observed in patients with liver cirrhosis. We hypothesized that the decreased serum Se levels were associated with the severity of hepatic fibrosis or insulin resistance in patients with HCV-related chronic liver disease (CLD). To test the hypothesis, 52 patients with HCV-related CLD including chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis were enrolled in this study.

Hepatitis C Treatment May Cause Death

Considered the drug of choice for hepatitis C and chronic liver disease, interferon may cause side effects and even death when used a second time, according to a new review.

How to Read Your Hepatitis C Lab Tests

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Lloyd explains the basics of how to read your hepatitis c blood test reports and what some crucial indicators can tell you about your health.

Nonresponders to Interferon-based Treatment of HCV Exhibit an Increased Long-Term Hazard of Cirrhosis Compared to Never Treated

The long-term consequences of failed interferon-alpha based hepatitis C treatment on liver morbidity and survival have not been fully explored. We performed retrospective analyses to assess long-term clinical outcomes among treated and untreated patients with hepatitis C virus in two independent cohorts from a United States Veterans Affairs Medical Center and a University Teaching Hospital. Eligible patients underwent liver biopsy during consideration for interferon-alpha based treatment between 1992 and 2007.

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