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Hepatitis C

undetectable after 7 months on your programs

From: SM
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 1:41 PM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: undetectable viral load

Hello dear Lloyd. I am very happy to inform you that my viral load is undetectable after 7 months on your programs. You truly helped me with your advice and medicine. and always replied to my mails and my grattitude for your support is endless.

However I still do test postitive for hep c virus, my question is what do I do now? The doctor at ER told me I have no viral load but my hep is virus might be a passing virus.

I  am attaching my labs from 4 days ago. What do you think about all this dear Llloyd?

Thank you as always

I have been denied Long term disability because they cannot prove that I have pain

from Barbara via Ask Lloyd
I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2006, did the treatment of Ribavirin and strongest dose of Interferon, I have cleared the virus, although since the treatment I have extreme muscle pain and some joint pain, I tried for a few years to continue to work, but am unable to, due to pain, my memory is terrible, I take my pain meds and fall asleep in the office. I have been denied Long term disability because they cannot prove that I have pain, xrays, blood work cannot show my pain level. Do you know of anyone that has been able to get disability from this most horrible problem. I am not the person I used to be.... I was always the most active person, and now my life is completely different.

A Hepatitis C Cure

Once considered a chronic and often deadly disease, now doctors are using a powerful word to describe the results of a new treatment for Hepatitis C.

Dr. Donald Jensen, University of Chicago Medicine: “This is a curable disease.”

It is news University of Chicago Medicine’s Dr. Donald Jensen is happy to spread. For 25 years he’s treated patients with hepatitis c, a virus that attacks the liver and causes inflammation. Over time, tissue in the organ turns to scar, cirrhosis sets in.

Dr. Jensen: “It’s like marbling in beef. It’s throughout the liver.”

Patients can develop liver cancer. More commonly, they end up in liver failure and require a transplant. But many don’t realize they have the virus.

Dr. Jensen: “The most common symptom is fatigue, which is pretty common for all of us.”

Judy Palmer knew something was wrong six weeks after she received a blood transfusion due to complications following the birth of her daughter.

Judy Palmer: “I started turning jaundiced and having abdominal pain.”

This is Crazy



Your Question for Lloyd

First I had west nile then they discovered hep c. I took interferon for only two maybe three months an my hep c is gone that\'s been 2 years.

But since that time, my hypothyroidism is giving me fits, constipation, miagraines and fatigue to mention a few.

This is crazy any suggestions. I'm looking for a diet and herbs to solve my problems, the Dr's can\'t seem to, what do you suggest?

Have You ...

Taken Interferon AND Had a Hepatitis A or B Vaccine AND taken antibiotics

Patient Dilemma: Treat Hepatitis C Now or Hold Out?

Being diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease usually triggers immediate treatment. But a growing number of people infected with hepatitis C are putting off therapy, choosing instead to roll the dice and wait for a new generation of drugs to become available.

Dr. John Ward, Head of Viral Hepatitis at the CDC

Click to Watch It

Dr. John Ward talks about Hepatitis in the HIV community.

They really do not say much about HVC other than ½ of the people with AIDS also have a co-infection of HCV and that more people die from HCV than AIDS.

They make it sound like a public service but what it really is is a need to make more money pushing a treatment that does not work. And as always they have a cure right around the corner and last year they had the 100% cure which turned out to kill people and never was a 100% cure as advertised in the LA times in full page ads and on KNX radio.

Not sure I believe any of them anymore. To many lies from the past.

The products you have are fantastic

From: greg 
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2013 5:20 PM
To: Lloyd
Subject: Thanks for the great teas

Hi Lloyd.   The products you have are fantastic, it has made a hell of a difference in my health.   I have hep C but only mild case so the professor has told me.  Urine is clear & I don't feel sick, I keep a positive mind & don't think of it.  There are worse thing out there.  I am up in Idaho skiing for the winter & I am a Australian.

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