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messages about Interferon use

I found out I caught it at the earliest stages ever

In September 2008 I started Peg Interferon. I stopped after 6 months. Here is my story:

My name is Nick I am a now 30 year old father of an almost three year old little girl named _____.
( D.O.B.: ) and husband of a 32 year old wife named _____  (D.O.B.: ) I was 27 going on 28 years old when I found out I got the Hep. C Virus. About 6 months to a year before that I was giving plasma every 6 months until finally the next time I went in to give it I found out that recently I caught the Hep. C virus.

phase II clinical trial SOC and Boceprevir - Join the Suit

Lloyd Wright,
An email friend referred your site. I am currently in a federal law suit for permanent injury sustained from my participation in a clinical trial of PegIntron / Rebetol / Boceprevir. I suffer multi-system sarcoidosis with occular, renal and pulmonary involvement caused by PegIntron and Rebetol treatment.

Post Interferon Treatment Survey


Executive Summary
The Hepatitis C Trust held a web-based survey from April 2006 to September 2007 that asked about people’s experience of anti-viral hepatitis C treatment and in particular how they felt up to 3 years after finishing the treatment. 500 respondents completed the questionnaire.

Key findings:

* 90% of people reported ongoing symptoms/side effects for longer than 12 months after treatment ended.
* The five most frequently reported post treatment symptoms/side effects were fatigue, joint aches/pains, brain fog, depression and mood swings.
* Regardless of SVR (sustained virological response), 40% of people felt worse after treatment than before and 31% felt better.
For those who had attained SVR
37% felt better and 36% felt worse

Interferon Release Form

download Release Form HERE

From: db
Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2011 10:02 AM
Subject: Interferon Release Form

Peace to All,

                   Attached is a release document with some startling information. Please read it thoroughly. I would be interested if anyone ever saw such a form. I surely did not. It seems to indicate someone knew there could be long term damage from these meds. I was not informed of this by my 2 gastros or primary care doctors. Tto the contrary when i expressed concerns i was told i'd be fine. Who knew what?  I will send another e-mail with a survey from a good info site in UK. Please put in whatever effort you can. Anything is appreciated. Are you tired of being a victim?

Determined To Find help

This came in from the Ask Lloyd form the other day

Form Results

I am not a stupid woman, just one that is dying on this drug

From: Mary Sent: Tuesday, 3:28 PM
To: Lloyd  Subject: Help

Dear Llyod,
My last visit to my Hep C specialist a week ago, I ran into someone I have known all my life and he said he was just finishing off a 48 week treatment.

We agreed ro wait for eachother and have a chat.
At this point I was in my 11th week of treatment.  Five ribo pills per day and an injection per week of interferron.

Lloyd on The Danielle Lin Show

“Triumph Over Hepatitis C”
Original Air Date: April 17, 2010

Guest/Author: Lloyd Wright

This quiet epidemic is growing at an astounding rate. Lloyd Wright’s story of recovery could save your life or the life of someone you love. Not a tale to be taken lightly. From near death to total recovery and now virus free, hear what he learned along the way; the politics, the question marks and perhaps the distortion around getting well. What is it that the medical community isn’t talking about? Hear the raw truth behind Hep-C…the silent killer. Wright saved his life and that’s what could matter to you.

Click Here to Listen to this Show.

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