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My Story

Personal accounts of battling Hepatitis C.
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First Tests Since Starting Your Program

Hi Lloyd,

Just a quick update...

Off to Australia for a couple of months so my program will wind down for a little while...

My Hep C Story By Steven Gibbons

My HepC story.
By Steven Gibbons

In Nov. 2008 I was diagnosed with Chronic Hep C. I must have contacted it in the 70's either through a blood transfusion or drug usage. It is even very possible I contacted it through the many dental procedures I had in the 80's. There is really no way to know and it really does not matter. What I do know is that when the symptoms started coming out it was at a stage where I needed to do something or eventually die from liver failure or cancer.

Your personal experience with Interferon and Ribavirin has been?

Positive and helpful
10% (5 votes)
Very disruptive and harmful to my life
90% (44 votes)
Total votes: 49
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