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vague FDA compliant thank yous from those Lloyd has helped

my virus level is considered undetectable

To: lloyd
Subject: Ask Lloyd ...

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Your Question for Lloyd

Hello Lloyd, I've been using some of your products for the last 2yrs and my last two blood test show that my virus level is considered undetectable and I have to believe it has a lot to do with your suggestions I've gotten from your book and website, thanks.

maybe I can eat whatever I want

From: LE
Date: August 12, 2011 11:21:49 AM EDT
To: Lloyd

Hello Lloyd;

I wanted to let you know how I was doing. Started my thymus a month ago and with some of the teas recommended  I was feeling great by that I mean, I had more energy than I have had for years, I didn't feel sickly, others noticed my improvement, whoa...well I thought maybe this is all I need, maybe I can eat whatever I want yeh, I had been eating foods that were also recommended in your book for a few months by then.

Four days ago I woke up with such pain in my right side and in my back, it was not good. So with a repented heart I started again on eating properly, plus my supplements and I can say the pain is slowly subsiding. Also I have taken 2 aspirin before sleep and I want to ask you "would you take them" I was just so afraid that pain would come again.
 And I just want to say thank you again to you.


My Brother's Hep C Test Results

From: Susan
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 10:20 PM
Subject: Results

Hi Lloyd,
Great news! My brother's test results have greatly improved in only 2 1/2 months. 

AST from 120 - 30, 
ALT from 207 - 35,
Iron from 153 - 141,
and Ferritin from 664 - 161.5  !

God help the allopathic system

79 Year Old Mother Doing GREAT
After 5 Years on Program

Hi, Felisa -

Thank you for this info - it will be helpful!  I just now faxed Vera's four-page blood test results from May.  Everything is looking great except for the viral load, which isn't sky high - but does demonstrate that she needs to be staying on top of things!  We really appreciate Lloyd looking the results over and giving a recommendation.  Are we at the point where Vera can go on a "maintenance" plan - or do we need to go back at it pretty hard in order to knock the viral count down to near zero?  I would MUCH rather be radical now, when Mom is feeling good, than wait until things flare up. 

my nine month headache

From:  Rich
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 10:43 AM
To: Lloyd Wright

Hi Lloyd,

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that my nine month headache finally went away as did the body aches and flu symptoms. I've been able to sleep very soundly and for longer periods. Also, I'm waking up feeling rested and recharged. That was never the case before no matter how long I slept. Still don't have the stamina and do get very tired at times but I'm feeling so much better.

HCV RNA Not Detected on Program Level One

From: Tom
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 11:27 AM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: Re: Ask Lloyd ...


Not 100% sure I believe the lab report I'm holding after seeing only HCV RNA counts in the multi-millions, but I am holding my first report that says "HCV RNA not detected, unable to calculate HCV log10 result since component test negative".

I spent about 60 days on program level one.  I want to hit it harder the next couple months & get another sample, but this test looks promising. Granted, I have brothers in Christ who have been praying for me for about 5 years, and I am certain of the spiritual work involved, but your journey, the knowledge you found, and the willingness to share that part of your life gave me the hope to keep trying.

I went through 3 clinical trials and 'standard of care' treatment with only increases in HCV counts previously. And I still have side effects a year afterward.

Symptoms are GONE!

From: Doug  
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 7:46 AM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: RE: South Carolina

I'm over the Flu and pneumonia now and doing well. In addition to HCV I have cholelithiasis which I'm treating with diet and only hurts when I eat the wrong foods. I don't want surgery.

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