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Correspondence with Lloyd.
Messages sent from 2000 - 2006 are HERE

Is three months some kind of record?

From: randy  
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 11:09 AM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: healthy hoppin hepper

Dear LLoyd.. you will be glad to know that your products have worked frighteningly fast.  I am down 10 million to 900 thousand IP/ml  and alt and ast are in the normal range from 115 and 170

Is three months some kind of record? I should mention that I also juice the Gerson whole food therapy. 

I had to stop some of the supplements in an attempt to find out what it was that is inflaming my arthritic joints.  I think it is the porcine thymus.  Can you confirm this?

I am so f*****d up in pain it's not funny.  If you think it is likely to be the glandular extract Then I will switch to the narigenin as the primary antivirus.

What say you Lord Wright?..Randy

New Discovery

Dear Lloyd:

I have just discovered your blog and youtube videos, and I am very thankful that I did.

I just graduated with a certification in Whole Health Education, and as I send out job inquiries as well as being employed at a hospital, I am continually amazed at the ignorance many health care professionals have about alternative therapies.  My husband is a triple-organ transplant patient who has benefited from many supplements I was able to recommend, but the resistance from the medical community is truly alarming.

Great Book!

From: J
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2012 12:12 PM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: Great Book!

Hi Mr. Wright! Thank you for sending me the book so quickly. I haven't put it down! Its loaded with wonderful information. One of the few times I did go to a doctor, they told me diet didn't matter and to admire a story about a guy that jogged five miles a day. Its good to have some solid information about the topic. Thanks!

the interferon pegasys treatments

From: Tony
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 4:12 PM
To: lloyd

Lloyd, hope you are well and having a great day.I got my supplement package yesterday and I  started my treatment today. I took the thymus and mesenchyme this morning. So far no adverse effects and I feel good. I am looking forward to doing the treatments and I'm hoping to have good results from using the supplements. I have read your books even went as far as studying them and I have watched  all of your videos and I believe you are someone that know what you are talking about.

Long Term Sides that ruined my life after hep c treatment

From: Debra
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 8:57 PM
Subject: Long Term Sides that ruined my life after hep c treatment. Please advise?


Can you help direct me?  "They never told me that I would be disabled permenantly when I treated in 2006,  My nervous system is a mess.  I have severe panic attacks, depression, eyesight is really bad, still ache all over, agoraphobia.  This has brought me down from being a productive & employed 'to being below poverty level (cause I'm unstable i cannot hold a job for long) and I have been on the brinks of homelessness for the passed months;  I've been suffering since 2006. 

I can’t express my appreciation enough!

Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 4:03 PM
To: Lloyd Wright


Was just getting ready to order VEP 2 and a tea package in the next day or so. As it happens, I was with a close friend of mine who is sick and in a similar condition. Maybe worse, since he has diabetes. And doesn’t eat or exercise obsessively, as I do.

And we always try and exchange any information we come across. So, we went online and I was showing him a couple of your Youtube interviews about the various Teas and the “do not take” items.

question about fish & coconut oil

From: Lloyd Wright
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2012 10:15 AM
Subject: RE: Test results and question about fish + coconut oil

Hi Bob,

Please see below for answers:

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