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Personal accounts of battling Hepatitis C.
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I was on pegintron alfa 2b

From: Brent
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 4:39 PM
Subject: PEG INTRON Alfa 2B

I was on pegintron alfa 2b back in  Jan. 2002, started post problems shortly afterwords . Became so bad could not work an 8 hour day back in 2006 . I have been watching some of the interviews you have on youtube WOW , by the interest from Attorneys on this matter I thought I was the only one having these medical problems and gave up looking years to date can't hardly walk anymore most days .

I was so amazed in the interviews you did with the gentalman in Colorado , we could be twins in this medical mess . I keep telling my wife my loss of memory is just old age when I know it's from that poison they put in me years ago . I wish that I would have never gone on that drug.

My stats and story below

Hi Lloyd

I'm writing to get your opinion on where best to spend my limited funds on specifically virus eradication as everything else is in good shape. I see you've got some VEP packages available. My stats and story below -

32, male, found out I had Hep C when I was 18, back in 1999 after both my parents found out they had it. We were the only ones in the family to be positive. Its assumed I was either born with it, or got it from them when I was young. Went through the Interferon treatment with my Dad around 2000, stopped before the year was up because I really didn't enjoy it (obviously) I stopped going to doctors for the next 10 years until about 1/12 years ago when I got a new job and had health insurance again.

I never drank, ate well, and exercised over those last 10 years.

In Apr 2011 I got a full checkup with the following results -
ALT 29
AST 24
Viral load - 459810 (it was 354000 when last tested in 2000)

In Oct 2012 I read your book, and started taking daily -
4 x Naringenin 250mg
2 x Quercetin 300mg
3 x Milk Thistle 550mg
2 x Olive Leaf 405mg
2 x Cat's Claw 330mg

I also take 6-12 grams Vit C daily, selenium, fish oil, misc other vitamins and minerals, and occasionally drink a cup or two or milk thistle tea, and dandelion root.

In Oct 2012 right before I started taking all the supplements -
ALT - 58
AST - 39
Viral load - 702679

Last test was in Dec 2012
ALT - 48
AST - 32
Viral load - 927304

So far no reduction in viral load, so I'm specifically looking to invest my time and money into the more potent virus eradicators and not so much in the general health / liver health, if that makes sense.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Joe Fraziers Bout With Hepatitis

Visit This Link to read a wonderful account of Joe Fraziers biggest bout, Hepatitis.

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Sincere thanks and a bit of my story

To: lloyd
Sent: 2/16/2012 7:53:20 P.M.
Subj: Sincere thanks and a bit of my story

Dear Mr. Wright:

Firstly, I am a 60 year old male who can truly relate to your life/lifestyle back "in the day", perverse humor (compliment), and your brave journey to save your own life when all the "experts" said you were nuts and just accept death. The difference being that I had you as my personal guide, along with a few doctors who told me about you and provided additional guidance.

Amoxicillin and many other drugs can raise the viral load millions of points, overnight

This is the results sent to me by one of my clients. She was prescribed Amoxicillin today, as she is experiencing a secondary condition, the flu. This secondary condition when combined with hep c offers us with hep c a difficult task as we are often sicker longer and with some more sever difficulties than people without hep c.

I found out I caught it at the earliest stages ever

In September 2008 I started Peg Interferon. I stopped after 6 months. Here is my story:

My name is Nick I am a now 30 year old father of an almost three year old little girl named _____.
( D.O.B.: ) and husband of a 32 year old wife named _____  (D.O.B.: ) I was 27 going on 28 years old when I found out I got the Hep. C Virus. About 6 months to a year before that I was giving plasma every 6 months until finally the next time I went in to give it I found out that recently I caught the Hep. C virus.

I am not a stupid woman, just one that is dying on this drug

From: Mary Sent: Tuesday, 3:28 PM
To: Lloyd  Subject: Help

Dear Llyod,
My last visit to my Hep C specialist a week ago, I ran into someone I have known all my life and he said he was just finishing off a 48 week treatment.

We agreed ro wait for eachother and have a chat.
At this point I was in my 11th week of treatment.  Five ribo pills per day and an injection per week of interferron.

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