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SOTA Products Will Be Harder to Get Soon

Hi Lloyd,

We are drastically reducing the web presence of the SOTA Products.

Over the years, since our own government battles, we have watched two manufacturers who produced products similar to ours end up in jail because they shared health information relating to their products. We have watched the continual disrespect by government regulators towards natural forms of healing. We have watched companies’ shutdown by government and great products disappear off the market, not because they cause harm, but because they are not able to meet the rules set by government bureaucrats.

Anti-Aging with Natcell Extracts

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Lloyd Wright’s Natcell Anti-Aging is an innovative frozen liquid extract to support healthy aging that consists of selected proteins, peptides and other growth factors and signaling molecules obtained from porcine adrenal, thymus and mesenchyme tissues, as well as a specialized marine liquid cartilage extract. 

It is the exact formula sold as Xtra Cell Anti-Aging Support
except Lloyd's brand is 105.00 dollars cheaper

Get Lloyd's Natcell Anti-Aging formula Here

3 New Thymus Studies

Summer Sale at Alternative Medicine Solution

Cartilade 180 Tablets $ 27.00 save 9.00
Cartilade 360 Tablets
$ 45.00 save 15.00
Cartilade 500 Gram Powder
$ 56.00 save 19.00
$ 13.00 save 3.95
Green Tea Max
$ 4.50 save 4.49
Barley Grass Tablets
$ 18.00 save 4.95
$ 20.00 save 10.00
EFA Essentials
$ 28.00 save 24.60
Dim-Pro 100
$ 50.00 save 23.70
TLM 60
  $ 400.00 a piece when you purchase 2. save 120.00

While supplies last, no other discounts apply.
Prices subject to change without notice at any time.

Bathdetox: Skin Dialysis Formula for the Kidneys, Skin and Edema and more

Case Reports:

     W. MacLean, ND, and R. Webster, DC from TX has a 67-year-old  patient with kidney failure. After 16 consecutive days if using Bathdetox, her creatinine, hemoglobin and hematocrit levels improved.



After 16 days





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