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Time for a Christmas Sale at Organic Pharmacy

It's time for a Christma Sale at Organic Pharmacy

Price Comparison List Shows Organic Pharmacy Cheaper Than WalMart

One of Organic Pharmacy's customers recently informed us that she buys her supplements from them because their prices are cheaper than Walmart.  We were shocked by this information and decided to do a price comparison.

Out of the 75 products that both companies carry
we found 51 that were indeed Cheaper than Walmart's Price.

Independence Day Sale

We're Celebrating
Our Independence until July 4th, 2014

 supplements on sale until the 4th of July

by giving you some great deals on
natural, healthy, organic health supplements.

Aloe Misters
2oz $12.00  4oz $16.00  8oz $20.00
Artichoke, Milk Thistle
& Dandelion Root
Astragalus  $19.90
Bio Curcumin $20.50
Dandelion Root Tea $16.50
Milk Thistle Tea $16.50
Milk Thistle Powder $10.00
Parazyme $21.99
Seditol Plus  $22.00
Lloyd's TLM 60 $435.99
Reishi Extract $22.50
Yeast Away  $19.00

Summer Sale at Alternative Medicine Solution

Cartilade 180 Tablets $ 27.00 save 9.00
Cartilade 360 Tablets
$ 45.00 save 15.00
Cartilade 500 Gram Powder
$ 56.00 save 19.00
$ 13.00 save 3.95
Green Tea Max
$ 4.50 save 4.49
Barley Grass Tablets
$ 18.00 save 4.95
$ 20.00 save 10.00
EFA Essentials
$ 28.00 save 24.60
Dim-Pro 100
$ 50.00 save 23.70
TLM 60
  $ 400.00 a piece when you purchase 2. save 120.00

While supplies last, no other discounts apply.
Prices subject to change without notice at any time.

Now Open Fridays

Alternative Medicine Solution
is now OPEN on Friday’s!

8 AM to 4 PM  Arizona Time!
7 AM to 3 PM Pacific Time
10AM - 7PM Eastern

Thank you for helping us share our new location in Alternative Medicine Friendly Arizona!
Lloyd, Felisa, Anna and Debbie.

We Have Arrived!

AMS has arrived in their new location
and have a house warming gift for you!
Better get a house warming gift ... because it's COLD here :~)

Christmas Sale at AMS

Natcell CNS 20% OFF now just $240 for 8 vials
Natcell Adrenal 20% OFF now just $240 for 8 vials

Lloyd's Anti-Aging Save Over $200 on 24 vials
Lloyd's TLM $50 off on 60 vials

Christmas Sale on Natcell Adrell, Lloyd's TLM, Lloyd's Anti-Aging and Natcell CNS
Limited time offer. While supplies last. Sale ends after Christmas.
Act Now and avoid disappointment and future regret.

Next year everything goes UP thanks to our government.
Stock up and save, orders over  $ 1200.00 receive FREE Shipping.

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