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How to Read Your Hepatitis C Lab Tests

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Lloyd explains the basics of how to read your hepatitis c blood test reports and what some crucial indicators can tell you about your health.

Dr. John Ward, Head of Viral Hepatitis at the CDC

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Dr. John Ward talks about Hepatitis in the HIV community.

They really do not say much about HVC other than ½ of the people with AIDS also have a co-infection of HCV and that more people die from HCV than AIDS.

They make it sound like a public service but what it really is is a need to make more money pushing a treatment that does not work. And as always they have a cure right around the corner and last year they had the 100% cure which turned out to kill people and never was a 100% cure as advertised in the LA times in full page ads and on KNX radio.

Not sure I believe any of them anymore. To many lies from the past.

Quercetin Study Recruiting Participants

Q-Trial in Patients With Hepatitis C This study is currently recruiting participants. The verification date is the most recent date the responsible party verified the study information is correct. The last updated date is the most recent date the record changed in any way. The two dates may be different."> Verified on September 2011 by University of California, Los Angeles

latest viral load testing

From: Brenda
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 8:10 PM
Lloyd Wright
new test results 


Just got results from latest viral load testing.

  1. Sept. 2008    416,000
    July 2009      482,000

August 2009 started following your recommendation - laktoferrin and thymus were the only things you recommended that I was not already taking.  My iron levels were high.

March 2010      7,830

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