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Anti-Aging Hormone May Shorten Life Span According To New Study

Due to its anti-aging properties, more and more people make use of growth hormone injections. However, a study conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York revealed that this type of therapy actually has the opposite effect, LiveScience has learned.

In other words, this therapy can actually shorten one's life.

As adults enter their middle ages, their hormone level decreases. Anti-aging therapy aims to replenish those hormones to provide a more youthful feeling and appearance.  

The study compared elderly participants, those who are already in their 90s, and people who have used the growth hormone injections as anti-aging supplements. The researchers discovered, that the elderly, or those with naturally low levels of growth hormone, have better chances of living up to a hundred years old than those with above average levels of the hormone.

Those involved in the study explained that the reason behind this effect is because the growth hormones could actually weaken the body's natural defenses and immunity against diseases that normally come with old age.

The results of the study may serve as a huge blow to the booming billion-dollar industry of anti-aging therapy. Aside from its health risks, a 2011 report on USA Today revealed that many dietary supplements that promise the same effects are not required to be subjected to government testing before they hit the market.

Dr. Sofiya Milman, who headed the study commented, "Growth hormone administration causes 'melting ' of fat and tightening of skin, so one may look better. It may be beneficial for maintaining a Hollywood kind of longevity' but would not serve the public good, in general, as an anti-aging strategy."

As for the results of the study, she concluded, "In light of insufficient evidence that HGH [human growth hormone] in older adults offers long-term anti-aging benefits, and with studies indicating that low growth hormone levels may actually protect the elderly from ageing diseases...the risks of using HGH as an anti-aging strategy outweigh the potential benefits."